Themed Doll Houses

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Decorating a dolls house is much easier than it looks. Although it can be time consuming, the sense of achievement when that empty shell has been transformed into an exquisite home is wonderful. They can be decorated in much the same manner as thier real life cousins, by painting and wallpapering, carpeting, tiling, cladding and panelling.

The most frequently used being paint paper and carpet, especially by those new to the hobby.

When building a huse from a particular era, the first decision is to decide which one. Victorian and Georgian are still ahead in the popularity stakes, but there is an increased interest in tudor houses and and interesting range of architectural designs are now on the market.


The Victorian period is one of the more popular eras. The houses tend to have large rooms, plenty of character, and their furniture was decorative. As they tended to show their wealth by their possessions, cramming as much into a room as they could get away with, it is ideal for miniaturists who like to do the same, knowing that it won't lok out of place.


These are still the most common houses within the hobby. Their popularity lies in the large attractive buildings influenced by classical architecture, often referred to as neoclassical style. The main themes available are Greek and Roman, Terraces and Town houses, Palladian and Country houses, so there is a broad enough spectrum to appeal to most people.


Wooden Tudor doll houses are wonderful display peices. They are attractive on the outside and can replicate Tudor dwellings very well. The image of a Tudor home is that of a white building encased in dark wooden timbers, with either a thatched, tiled or slate roof, Internally, the paneled walls and beamed ceilings give an air of warmth.


The growing popularity of houses based on the work of well known architects is well deserved. Although not many homes fall into this catagory, I feel sure that they will increase. The DHE doll house Lychern is a good example.


Most themed doll houses replicate historical periods, but they don't need to. Although there are limited modern properties commercially available, remember that most modern families live in older properties, There is nothing wrong in creating a modern theme in an older styled house.


Whatever them you decide to use for your your miniature home, remember, the only thing that stops you is your imagination.

Enjoy your hobby!!


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