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Vampire window stickers

The seller has great reviews and has no bad reviews at all
I was very happy they are bigger than expected , I have to say they are perfect and they are fantastic the window stickers .. They came in fantastic condtition not a sticker wrecked or missing . They were great and I was amazed at the rate of speed that they had come , they were impressive and they were great and I think they are a must for anybody who loves vampires  I think they are perfect and they are amazing they also come in a good packaging , this seller is a very trustworthy seller who delivers the items days from ordering and I love the stickers. They'll certainly be useful for something and are perfect and anybody who loves halloween and loves window stickers this is the way to go as they are lovely and are also very helpful , i am very happy with them and would certainly buy off them again I can see why they  have such good reviews it's because the items come as promise and no case had to be opened with this item I have to say I am very happy with the item .
I would advise everyone who has a fetish for stickers these are brilliant and are certainly worth the money
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