Think you might need to leave negative feedback? Think!

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Dear users,

I imagine you're reading this because you've just had a nasty buying experience (if you're reading it because you want to see how good my guides are, that's much appreciated too!). You're angry. The red mist has decended. Feel conned, maybe...

Stop right there! Read my guide before posting feedback


1. Should I post this feedback at all?

Does the seller deserve to have that dirty red smudge on their reputation? Is it entirely their fault - could there be a postage delay? Could they have had a bad personal problem at home? Did their three-year-old toddler eat your purchase? These are questions you must ask before you leave feedback. If its beyond their control, then don't give them negative feedback!

Also, wait a few days once you get angry before turnign to the feedback button. A) The problem might sort itself out and B) You might not be so worked up. If you're leaving -ve feedback for a sick sense of satisfaction, then you deserve it more than them...but I highly doubt you are!

2. How should I go about posting it?

The trick is to always maintain a level of politeness! Don't use block capitals, don't use multiple exclamation marks and don't insult them (don't call them an idiot, a buffoon, a moron or any other word that would require censors! Some examples for you to consider

Good feedback:

I'm sorry to say the transaction wasn't great. It was slow to arrive and not what I thought it would be,

Bad feedback:


Which one would you rather see? I rest my case.

To conclude

I hope this should clear up some problems with negative feedback - feedback is a great tool and can really help members know who to trust but it is rather easily abused! Take care!



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