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Hi, Just thought I would update all of you on the progress of my "electric bike experience".  First off, I have had my Synergie Futuro repaired by Europa bikes in connection with 123 Scooter; I was emailed by a ebay member saying there is no such trader on ebay as "123 Scooter" on ebay and he did not see what relevance my guide had on here, well when I bought the bike it was off the internet and I was not buying from ebay, but whenever I contacted my credit card company as regards reversing the transation they mentioned it was purchased through Ebay, so 123 Scooter do trade on here but not under that that was news to me!  I did get in touch with Consumer Direct and they were really helpful giving me lots of friendly and useful information.  Such as the fact even though I bought the bike off  the internet and entered my credit card details for debiting I did not realise that I was entering into a "TRI-PARTY AGREEMENT"  as the money went through a paypal account; which I was unaware off and which gave me less legal clout when trying to re-coup my money.  Don't shout at me about this dear readers as I was informed of this position by Consumer Direct.  While I am on the subject of Consumer Direct, let me encourage all of you to phone them straight away if you have any purchasing problems whatsoever as they are worth the 0845 (local) rate they charge.  Sorry, I digress.  The bike came back and all worked fine, apart from the fact that the front disk was warped; no probs I hear you think "just buy a new disk".  I did buy a few disks off ebay three disks that were a bargain and one that was also a bargain, though more expensive; have a look in my recent transaction history and you will see the very disks I a referring to.  Well the first disk I bought came back and it did not fit...hmmm "me stupid", can't even order correct size part!  I went around to a local bike shop and they sold me a disk for £14.99 which looked the part, but did not fit.  Got money back from local bike shop (trader was really nice about it); but did comment that all the years he has been in the business, he has not seen a disk such as mine that is chinese made and not of any set standard.  He said me best option was to change the whole front wheel and then the standard disk will be "standard".  This did not sound like good sense to me tight!

I got in touch with 123 Scooter and they sent me a replacement front disk very quickly and for free, it came from Europa Bikes who I assume are they're partners/suppliers - whatever.  I get problems sometimes keeping track of the years.  I did tell them in my email prior to getting the complimentary front disk that I would happily pay trade price for the disc even though the bike still has 9 months warranty left on it.  The reason for this is when I packed the bike back up to send off for repair the damage could have happened on the way to them or on the way back and I naturally took responsibility for the damage as the bike was well packed up on return to me from Europa Bikes and the repair they done to the bike was first class; praise to them.  I will be selling the Futuro privately soon, so if you see it on ebay avoid like the plauge; nah just kidding!  The bike is running great at the moment and I travelled twelve miles the other night in under an hour and it was great fun I must say that was with the front disk binding but I did not realise how bad.  That shows you how much assistance you get from the motor as I did not grasp how much resistance was being fed back from the warped disk.  The bike done most of the work and it was blowing and raining; but I really enjoyed the feeling of freedom having an ebike gives you.  I do love electric bikes; I got this weird fantasy that I am somehow saving the planet by riding the thing (who knows).  Maybe if enough of us ride bikes we will has a mass shift in common consciousness and suddenly we will become a sensible lifeform (who knows).  Can you tell, that I am a big Douglas Adams fan?

At present I am buying a new bike off an ebay trader and it looks really promising.  The bike has got lithium-ion batteries which are a lot lighter (and expensive than the lead acid ones in the Futuro I think they are,(lead acid) someone correct me if I am wrong).  It weights in at 25kg which is very light for an ebike; the Futuro weights 39kg!  Yes, it is more expensive, but with regards to ebikes I would definitely go for light and more expensive as opposed to the other way around.  I am quite excited about the new bike, as the specs are 15mph unassisted which is mouth watering for someone like myself who gets excited over the most mundane happenings.  With regards to the Futuro weighing 39kg; it don't sound much, but I am a 14st guy who is in good health and I found lifting the Futuro heavy going, lifting it up and down steps was interesting to say the least.  Another problem with a bike that weights so heavy is when you drop it (as one youngster who I gave a go of it too did) it can do quite a lot of damage to itself; in this case the peddle arm got bent back slight and know rubs on the frame when the peddles rotate.  This will be fixed soon before I get rid of it.

That about rounds it up for this installment of my (mundane) life, I will be writing another review on the new bike which I am hoping to be delivered any day now, so I do hope that you can benefit from these words and remember "TIME IS ONLY WASTED, WHEN WE DON'T LEARN FROM IT", which most of us unfortunately "DONT".

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