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Before buying a new washing machine, Google the following question -- why cant modern washing machines rinse properly? -- and read the first page it brings up.

An obsession with water saving means that most new washing machines leave clothes streaked with detergent. Some barely use enough to wet all of the material. If you suffer from excema or have sensitive skin you will be in trouble!  You can read all about it on the whitegoodshelp web site. If you have not used an automatic washing machine before you may be fooled into thinking this is acceptable. However if you are used to a machine 7 or 8 or more years old you will be very disappointed. If your old machine is getting noisy, think twice about scrapping it. Have it repaired or buy a decent secondhand one on eBay. You cannot get a proper wash and rinse with a cup-full of water. The makers and retailers flatly deny there is a problem but more and more people are complaining of this. 

I am not in the washing machine repair business, just a consumer who spent £330 on a new machine only to dump it and buy a reconditioned 8 year old one that works, and would like to warn others.



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