Thinking of buying an ipod?

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If like me you are thinking of buying an ipod then the obvioul place to look for it would have course be ebay, and why not, you can get a really good deal. Over the past couple of days I have noticed a few sellers that are selling ipod video players 60GB for under £100 on buy now, great deal, however look closer, you find that their feedback is 100% so that is encouraging, actually no, do not be fooled, the feedback tends to have come over a very short period of time, i.e. it all relates to things they have bought over a couple of days, also all at very low prices, rare to find feedback for anything they have sold!. What to do, well I reported three memebrs to ebay and as a result 2 were removed straight away, however every time I go back I find more doing exactly the same thing. If you are thinking of purchasing one then do a couple of things, first of all, check the feedback to see if it is over a period of time, check how much feedback relates to them actually selling, if you are satisfied, then great, hopefully you have got yourself a deal. If it doesn't stack up, save your money because the chances are that it was too good a deal to be true, be cautious and dont get ripped off 



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