This is for ebay user id wheels6969690

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Please beware of this EBAY MEMBER WHEELS6969690

Very agressive attitude , sent abusive emails and wrote a nasty guide about me only beacuse I have not paid £5 for the item which I won from him/her

I myself do not like non payers and I must say it is annoying sometimes but THEY ARE SOME GENUINE EXCEPTIONS

If someone bought an item from me and then emailed me several times explaing the reason why they haven`t paid , apologised and offered to cover my relisting fees I would be understanding for God sake ! At the end of the day we are all only HUMANS and we all DO MISTAKES !

I have emailed the seller WHEELS6969690 several times explaining I have had some serious personal health problems and begged him for understanding!All I got back from the seller WHEELS6969690 was a nasty , abusive emails saying " he won`t be losing any money on this " and gave me 7 days to complete the payment or he will have to report me to Ebay ! I was then forced to tell the seller that since winning the item ( communication has been going on for a good month or so ) I have been diagnosed with cancer and needed private treatment which is quite expensive , I explained (yet again) that I needed to save every penny and shopping for a clothes was the last thing on my mind and I couldn`t bear to buy the top which I originally planned to wear for my sisters weeding . I did however offered to cover the relisting fees yet again and apologised for bringing up such a personal matter as having a cancer but felt like I had no other choice but to tell the truth .

Sellers response to this was propably the harsh most painfull words I have ever heared from anyone .He said "I`m a lair and pretending to have a cancer to avoid paying for the item " he said lots of more lies like " I haven`t emailed him blalablala" and "he wouldn`t not loose on this item"

Next day I found a nasty , abusive full of bad words guide about myself and my "cancer lies " All I can say it is DISQUASTING to write about someone else`s personal health problems on Ebay guide page , I found it horrific and really sad

I must say I was stunned ! I`m a grown up women,mother and a wife with 2 young kids and I would`t never lied about something so serious like that , I found sellers comments disquasting and offending .My world has collapsed in a last month and people like WHEELS6969690 just make it a much worst experience .

I do not wish the seller or anyone else to experience the same abuse as I did

No one deserve to be treated like this

It is inhumane


Since writing this guide I have found even more abusive emails from WHEELS6969690 in my Inbox

I however will not participate in this "words war" and I do not wish to speak to this seller again , never again for what he had put me through in this difficult time for me and my family

Please leave us in peace


P.S  I believe that a person who voted this guide as not helpful is the seller WHEELS6969690 himself & friends

Thank you

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