Thread repair kits tap and die sets spark plug helicoil

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OK so i was just giving a little to much LBs on my trustly old spanner and pop.. ah gutted i had snapped off a bold, a threaded bold in my outboard motor......

This gave me the worry of the amount £$ this repair would cost if i sent the outboard into have it fixed.

Then while explaining my problem a friend told me about helicoiling the thing and repairing it myself. Huh..myself.

ok so that sounded good. What did i need. Well i first needed to extract the threaded bolt. A bolt extractor was needed, Talk about them later in another guide ok.

We used a grinder to lower the the bolt to near durface then drilled out the remainig bit that was stuck.

ok so now i had a hole and not a place to put a bolt back in, thats where the thread repair kit came in handy. It contains all the parts required. The drill bit, a tap and also a wire threaded insert. So we drilled out the exisiting bold, then taped out the new thread and placed a wire thread insert into the hold. That was it job Done.

I then replaced the head of my outboard and replace the new bold back in place..HA HA

I had managed to do this job for £30 and had enough parts to do the job 9 more times ;)

This is the kit i used  Available here on ebay

 I sold the engine but quite often see it still out at sea, Going strong may i add;)

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