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Thundercats is an 80's cartoon that was developed by Rankin/Bass. There where two series of the show the first was show in 1985-86 and lasted for 65 episodes and the second 1986-87 and lasted for a further 65 episodes. There have also been various comic book series featuring the show from Marvel Comics (1985-88) and Wildstorm (2004 and 2003-04). The series has a strong following and seems to be the current craze amoungst students (2005).

The show followed the traditional template of Good against Evil, where the Thundercats lead by Lion-O are the good guys and the Mumm-Ra and the mutants and a few others are the bad. In his quest against evil Lion-O is lead by the spirit of Jaga and with the Sword of Omens and an enchanted claw shield at his side is a force to be reconed with. He is not alone in his fight for good.


Lion-O is joined in his struggle amoungst others by:

Panthro - a mechanical and engineering genius. Also very good at fighting with battle-sticks. He is the eldest living member of the Thundercats.

Tygra - he guided the Robear Berbils to construct the cat's lair (home base) in just 3 days. Highly agile and very cunning. Also can become invisible to almost any 3rd Earth being. His choice of weapon is a flaming/exploding bolo-whip.

Cheetara - she is the fastest of the thundercats and also has a limited "sixth sense" that provides accurate information both about the future and the past. Her choice of weapon is a hand activated bo-staff.

WilyKit - the female of the child twins. She carries a "bag of tricks" and is good at defending herself by confusing her adversary. Often disagrees with her brother. Often travel around on hoverboards which tend to get destroyed.

WilyCat - the male of the twins. Like his sister he highly agile. Has a habit of getting himself and his sister into danger and needing rescuing. Almost always can be found with his sister.

Snarf - Lion-O's former 'nurse maid' who doesn't seem to understand Lion-O no longer needs nursing. He is somewhat cowerdly but manages to help when needed.


That covers most of the 'good guys' I will also give you a list of some of the 'bad guys':

Slithe - he is the leader of the evil mutants on Third Earth.

Monkian - very strong but unfortunatally not very clever. He is good at maneuvering amoungst treetops and weilds a magic shield that can shoot cannonballs or energy blasts.

Jackalman - a cowardly canine mutant who rarely manages what he aspires to which is normally too ambitious for his own good. He is skilled with an axe.

Vultureman - the mutants technophile. His loyalty is not firmly for the mutants though he only ever fights on the side of 'evil'. He is responsible for all the mutants technology and destructive weapons.


The Sword of Omens that Lion-O weilds contains embedded in the hilt the Eye of Thundera which is the sorce of the Thundercats power. Using the power of the eye Lion-O can call upon various special powers and abilities including "Sight beyond Sight" that allows him to view events at very large distances and pierce the veil of dimensional boundaries. Another ability the sword can give his is "Cat's Growl" which is a warning that alerts of times when he or the other Thundercats are in danger. In times of great danger Lion-O could summon tge other ThunderCats with a cry of:

"Thunder! Thunder! Thunder! THUNDERCATS! Hhhhooooo...!!!"

(More information can be found at Wikipedia which I used as a reference and a check whilst writing this article.)

If you are interested in finding Thundercats items on eBay UK please try the following searches (be on the watch for pirate versions of this series especially when it is meant to be a complete collection at a very low price) So far I believe only season 1 has been released on DVD with season 2 to follow shortly:

DVDs and Videos

Books, Comics and Magazines


Please note that all of these searches appear to have a large amount of items that may be trying to cache in on the popularity of the show and not be origianal or authorised. Try searching for items on google, yahoo , etc to check their authenticity.

Thank you for reading my guide. Please also check out my other 80's cartoon guides including one for the Mysterious Cities of Gold.

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