Tibetan Silver a Buyers Guide

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Tibetan Silver is often sold as a cheap Silver product, but you must becareful and fully research the product before buying. Tibetan Silver is made up from a mixture of metals, including copper nickel, zinc and silver and is described as a silver alloy. Some Tibetan Silver also contains lead to give the product weight so it appears to be and often is sold as Sterling Silver, and these are the products you should avoid.

We only use Tibetan Silver spacer beads that DO NOT contain lead, and these are only on a few items of our jewellery, but never where the jewellery will be in constant contact with the skin. This is because we use Sterling Silver as many people are allergic to cheaper metals. We always state where Tibetan Silver is used, so the buyer can make a decision on whether to buy that item or not.

Also be careful to ensure that when purchasing Silver goods, you are not caught out by sellers that describe items as "Silver tone", "Silver" or "Silver colour" normally this is describing the colour of the metal and not the actual silver content. Genuine buyers will mark the goods as Sterling Silver and/or 925 hallmarked. If you are in any doubt of what you are buying, always ask and if you are still not convinced, look else where.

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