Ticket Touts - Oasis

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Like a lot of people I'm thoughly hacked off with trying to get tickets for bands now. These so call ticket companies must simply sell them in block to these touts who then put them straight on here.

I wanted to go to the gigs in Cardiff but it was sold when i eventually got through even though i was on line at 9.00 exactly and then when i looked on ebay the first ones for sale i looked at were from someone up in scotland! Bought by mistake i think not! All these people are doing is ruining it for real music fans, touting is touting whether its done outside the gig or via ebay.

Ebay should take control, you should not be allowed to sell them for over face value. But i guess that will never happen, so i  till then i've got an idea...lets all stop buying tickets from ebay then all these touts will lose money on the tickets they buy and eventually they will stop doing it and we, the real music fan, will be able to enjoy gigs again without being ripped off!

EBAY please take note and come up with a way of stopping these touts ruining gigs for everyone else

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