Tiffany or Not

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I wish i had read these reviews before being caught out by leonardo evagelo and his fake tiffany.

I bought a cuff sterling silver thinking that maybe it was old stock bulk sale and thats why there was so much of it on ebay.

Bought as a 16th b-day pressie.

Imagine my distress when it turned up with strange brown staining, so i set about cleaning it before wrapping it up (according to the care instructions).

suddenly all the so called silver started to rub away (not long after starting to clean it) to reveal copper or something silver underneath.

I tryed to instantly lodge a disput against seller with ebay but because i hadnt waited somrhting obcene like 20 days i couldnt lodge a dispute. I had to turn to paypal in the end but they dont seem very confident that i will be able to retrive my money.

I cant afford to lose this money but what else can i do?

There was a number for care in the box which i called out of curiosity (it appeared to be Tiffany & Co) so i reported what happened and they suggested i contact the police (what are they going to do apart from laugh at me), they are aware of the problem apparently. I will be contacting trading standards.




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