Tigi Haircare, Cosmetics and Skincare

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When buying Tigi Hair products, Please be sure to look into the sellers back ground, check on there shop to see what else they sell, also check to see if they are an Authorized seller, if not, where do they get these products from? I am an Authorized seller of Tigi and I am a qualified Stylist, Tigi products are not just sold to the general public at wholesale, neither are they sold to hair and beauty suppliers, they are only supplied to an authorized tigi supplier, if you are not sure how old the product is just ask? sometimes it may be the case that, this product has been sitting around on a shelf for over a year, and a lot of Tigi shampoos and Conditioners only have a shelf life of 12 Months, so if you are buying something at less then half the retail price, ask yourself why??

Skincare Products, always be sure to check that what you are buying is genuine, it doesn't hurt to ask, if you do not get a reply from the seller, then I would think twice about buying it... Lancome is a really good example of a brand which is different in the UK then the USA, so if you buy Lancome on a regular basis from the UK, then you will find if you buy a Lancome product that is made in the USA it will be different, they use different ingredients in there products over there, and normally have slightly different names to ours in the UK.


Cosmetics, be sure when buying cosmetics, that they are new and not tested, always read the descriptions throughly, sometimes people think this is such a good bargain, and then notice closely in the description that something is different to the title of the listing, again if you are not sure if it is genuine always ask?

Bobbi Brown - I have recently noticed a lot of fake bobbi brown items on ebay, it is clear to me that it is not genuine as the packaging and palettes are completely different from originals, if you have never brought Bobbi Brown before, and decide to treat yourself, then always check before you buy it, you can always check the bobbi brown website or just search the product on google, if you cannot find it then it may be that it is a copy!

Buying Overseas, sometimes this is not always clear in the description when buying outside the UK, always check with the seller if the product is genuine, and don't forget to ask about customs charges, if you buy outside the EU customs can get very expensive, When buying from China or Hong Kong deliveries can take up to 21 days to arrive, this is not always noted in descriptions!!

Hopefully this will help anyone who is not sure about buying on ebay, generally most sellers with high rated feedback scores are always reliable, after all this is our business! we do not do this for fun or to rip anyone off, we are just trying to earn a living like most people.... eBay has been a good business start for me and hopefully I will continue to use it for many years to come!!

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