Tip on buying Xbox Marketplace Points

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I have written this guide to help people get better value for money when buying points to spend on the xbox live marketplace.

I have found that many ebay sellers are overcharging for points compared to online stores such as Play.com and shopto.com and high street shops. Most ebay prices even cost more than if you buy your points through your xbox 360.

The below is a guide to what you should be paying via your games console

500 points - £4.25

1000 points - £8.50

2000 points - £17

5000 points - £42.50

And if you are buying your points at retail outlets then you should be paying no more than the below.

2100 - £17.50

4200 - £35

Some sellers will claim that their prices are higher due to you receiving the code quickly by email, it is still quicker and cheaper buying through your console.

I look at points as if they are money (which they basicly are) and I wouldn't want to spend £1.20 to buy £1.

I hope this helps some of you save a few pounds.





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