Tips And Tricks To Maximise Your Shisha Experience By Al-Dukkan

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We at Al-Dukkan are committed to supply you with our greatest tips and tricks, which will assist you whilst enjoying the perfect Shisha/Hookah session.
This guide will take you through everything you need to take into consideration when trying to maximise a Shisha/Hookah experience. That’s why we at Al-Dukkan are taking this opportunity to highlight the main tips and tricks you should take into consideration whilst enjoying the perfect shisha.
 Firstly Al-Dukkan would like to thank you for taking the time to read our guide and recommend you have a pen and paper to hand to write down some of the greatest forgotten about hints.
1.     Mixing your flavours of shisha can be great. Watermelon, Grape and Mint work amazingly together
2.     Keep your shisha tobacco stored in a air tight container to prolong its life. Also empty some existing juices into a separate container to keep the flavour fresh instead of damp and harsh when smoking.
3.     Place your coal on the rim of the head and work your way in slowly, this way it will burn slower and the flavour will last considerably longer.
4.     Once you have placed your foil on the head, blow from the bottom and shake the head to insure no tobacco has stuck onto the foil or base of the head blocking the holes.
5.     When using aluminium foil, the smaller the holes, the longer it will run for. This stops the heat hitting the tobacco at a much stronger temperature.
6.     The shisha could be smoked like a cigar however this is down to your own preference.
7.     Some people enjoy adding ice into the glass vase, this boosts the freshness of the air and provides more smoke whilst preserving the flavour.
8.     Some people also feel adding milk to the vase increases the level of thickness of the smoke.
9.     Mixing shisha tobacco with honey could also boost the amount of smoke
10.  Empty the water out the vase and run hot water through the stem and clean the head after every use. This will ensure the next session to be just as great as the past.
11.  Use a personal coal carrier to take coal to and from your cooker, if you haven’t yet purchased one I have provided a link below with more information on that product for your satisfaction
12.  Ensure your shisha is sitting flat and steady to avoid it from falling over and causing a disaster.
13.  Use an ice pipe this enriches the smoke provided by making it cold and crispy. More details attached:
14.  Lastly if the smoke becomes too strong, blow gently on the shisha hose during your smoking session to release some of the build up of smoke in the hookah chamber.

We hope you enjoy the above listed tips and tricks!
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