Tips For New eBay Sellers from a Powerseller

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Hello and thank you for reading this guide! Yes I'm a Powerseller but that doesn't make me perfect...

I've made a lot of mistakes in the past and I'm sure there are some mistakes now.

I will try to help you in order to avoid making the same mistakes that I made.

You may have read already a lot of guides and books about selling and marketing and eBay... but these tips are just condensed experience.

1. BEFORE you do anything go and do some market research to see if there is a demand for the products you want to sell.
A great resource is mpire research. You must really know your market niche and your target group!

Some other tips:

2. Another tip is don't sell only on eBay. EBay may be great but use at least 2 selling channels.

3. Learn some basic copywriting techniques to become more persuasive (recommended: The Irresistible Offer - Mark Joyner and Hypnotic Marketing - Joe Vitale). You want more? Gary Halbert & John Carlton books are the best!

4. Use Automation like Selling Manager Pro (sold by eBay as a service) and build a basic eBay store mainly for cross-promotion of your various products.

5. If you have the money purchase a store template to make your listings and store homepage unique and brand identifiable.

6. When you calculate your profit calculate every possible cost, like paypal and ebay fees. There are some free ebay profit calculators if you do a search. A 40% profit margin is the minimum for me.

7. The most basic thing of your listing is your TITLE. You must spend time to make your title as good as possible, so that people in your target group want to click it to read your listing. Don't forget to include your keywords. Mpire research and other tools will help you find the right keywords. (check out eBay Pulse also)

8. Then spend some time on your photograph(s). Use PaintShop, Gimp or another program to make your products' photograph(s) clear and professional.

9. Then spend some time on your description. Make it professional and targeted to your market. Make your offer irresistible. Make your benefits apparent. Use whitespace wisely. Don't use a lot of hype. Cross-promote your other complementary products.

10. Build a Newsletter List and send them weekly Newsletters with valuable content while promoting your products and services (you must build an eBay store first)

11. Send thank you notes (and/or discount coupons) with the packages you sell. You can also send small appreciation gifts and your business card (if you have one).

12. Find ways to package your products quickly and safely. Your packaging also shows how much you respect your customers. Don't use cheap-looking stuffing materials (like newspapers). Buy packaging materials in Bulk. You can find packaging materials in a local store of yours or in eBay.

13. Find wholesale sources for your products or create your own products (even better).

14. Model successful eBay sellers. What are the main features of their store? How have they written their description. What are they selling and how much?

15. Have a clear marketing plan and use S.M.A.R.T. goals. (search google for this term to find out more)

16. Stay updated about eBay by subscribing to eBay related RSS feeds.

More tips are going to be added soon.

If you find this guide helpful please vote. If you want to share your tips then please email me.

Karolos T. (karolos123)
FreshCoffeeShop & GreekCollectibles eBay Stores

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