Tips for Keep Your Duffle Coat Looking New

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Tips for Keep Your Duffle Coat Looking New

A duffle coat is a versatile addition to any wardrobe for men, women, and children. Traditional duffle coats consist of a type of heavy wool fabric, but contemporary materials range from luxury wool and cashmere blends to practical cotton to affordable synthetic blends. Check the care label of your duffle coat for cleaning and fabric information, treat spills and stains immediately, allow the garment to rest, and properly store your coat to keep it looking new.


Always Check the Care Label of Your Duffle Coat

The care label of your duffle coat is the best place to find all the information you need to keep your coat looking its best. Follow the washing and drying directions when cleaning the coat to prevent warping, fabric faults, and discolouration. If the manufacturer recommends dry cleaning only, which is typical for a wool or cashmere blend duffle coat, have your coat cleaned by professionals. If the coat is machine washable, adhere to temperature and washing cycle specifications.


Treat Spills and Stains Immediately

Spot clean blemishes as soon as possible to prevent stains. Use cool water or a spot cleaning product and a clean, white cloth or rinse the area in cool water if your coat is washable. Never vigorously rub or wring wool coats, as this can cause warping. If you cannot remove the stain through spot cleaning or your coat is unsuitable for rinsing, have the garment dry cleaned. Tell the dry cleaner what caused the stain because this allows the person to use the right solvent to remove it.


Give Your Wool Duffle Coat a Day Off

Do not wear your wool duffle coat every day. Allow the garment to rest for 24 hours between uses so that the fibres can return to their original shape. Brush off any surface dirt using a soft clothes brush. Allow the coat to dry before returning it to a closet, but avoid hanging it near sources of heat such as radiators. Hang the coat on a padded or shaped hanger to air or in the bathroom where steam can remove wrinkles.


Properly Store Your Duffle Coat

A duffle coat keeps you warm and snug in winter, but occupies a lot of closet space in summer. Clean the coat thoroughly before storing it because oils and dirt attract insects. Empty the pockets of the coat to prevent warping and stuff the sleeves with acid-free paper to help them keep their shape. Fold the coat and place it in a garment bag or box for storage. Add insect repellent to protect a woollen coat. If you hang your coat while storing it, choose a strong hanger that can support the garment and close the buttons to ensure that the coat keeps its shape. Allow adequate space between the coat and other hanging clothing to allow air to circulate around it.

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