Tips for Your Driving Holiday Abroad

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Just to help, we have listed all the important things you need to think about, before you set off on your travels. So, all you need to do is print and enjoy the journey

Here's your driving holiday checklist:
  1. Located and read your Owners Manual (OM), as this contains valuable information that you may be unaware of e.g. locating your fuses 
  2. Check mileage between services. Will the mileage you intend to do on your journey take you considerably over the next scheduled service? (Refer to OM)
  3. Check tyres and tyre pressures including the spare. Will they last the durating of your trip? (Refer to OM) 
  4. Check oil, water and other fluids. If you cannot do this yourself, then please contact your local Suzuki Dealer for advice. (Refer to OM)
  5. Do you have enough luggage space or do you need to consider a luggage box? Talk to your local Suzuki Dealer about the correct way of loading your car (Refer to OM)
  6. Have a pre-holiday check to ensure your lights, brakes and tyres are safe when your car is fully loaded up.
  7. Download our compulsory equipment list. In some countries reflective jackets, first aid kits, replacement bulbs, tool kit and spare fuses are a must.
  8. Check that your vehicle insurance covers you for international travel and that you're aware of what to do in the event of an accident. What are the local laws and requirements?
  9. Ensure you have adequate Health Cover. An EHIC card is essential for each passenger travelling.
  10. Have you got Breakdown Cover? If not, this is necessary. Check your policy for European coverage.
  11. Ensure that you have a valid driving license, passport and vehicle documents, including the MOT  and letter of authorisation (if you have a lease car). Original documents will be required when requested.
  12. Take credit cards if you have them. Ensure you have Euros or local currency. (Note: tolls can be expensive)
  13. Plan your route to include stops for fuel (for your car, you and your passengers) and overnight accommodation
  14. To ensure passengers safety check the seatbelts, car seats and anchor points before you travel.
  15. To keep children happy have in-car games, toys and some sweets available. Stop regularly.
  16. Do you know what distance you can cover on a single tank of fuel and do you know how many miles you can complete after the fuel light comes on?
  17. Fill up before you leave. Fuel prices can be more expensive abroad.
  18. In the event of losing the keys to your car, do you have a contingency plan to obtain a spare set?
  19. Does your car require a headlamp beam reflector?
  20. Spped trap detectors/radars are illegal in many foreign countries. Make sure this is turned off on any GPS or navigation equipment before you travel.
  21. Know your Octane ratings, ordinary Unleaded is 95 and Super Unleaded is normally 98.
  22. Ensure you know the speed limits in the countries you're travelling through
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