Tips for buying paintings on ebay

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Check the postage price. Some sellers list the starting price of a painting at 99p. It looks a bargain, till you see the postage is £65.00!!

Ask questions. A good seller will be happy to clarify anything.

So called ‘original’ paintings. Some reproduction work finds itself in the 'Originals’ section, so always check. Also, check that a painting described as ‘Original’ is 100% hand painted. Some artists get prints made of their paintings, paint a bit on top of the print, and then call it ‘original'.

Check if the painting will be sent to you on its stretcher. Paintings are cheaper to post, if they’re taken off the stretcher, rolled up, and posted in a tube. The buyer will then have the cost and inconvenience of getting the canvas put back on a stretcher. There is also a lot of potential for damage to the painting throughout this process.
I would advise buyers go for works that will be sent to them on the stretcher (like mine!) where possible. The postage cost might be more, but it will be cheaper in the long run, and a lot less hassle.

How accurate is the photo? Two photos of the same painting can look very different, depending on the weather/ lighting when the photo was taken, the camera, the difference in peoples PC monitor settings, etc. Sellers can try and make them as accurate as possible, but most aren’t experts in photographic colour accuracy, or optimising images for accuracy over the multitude of PC monitors people use.
As a buyer, I think you just have to accept this, to a certain extent. However, there is no harm in sending the seller an email to enquire. Good sellers are happy to clarify any questions you have on their items.

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