Tips for buying vintage watches.

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Buying non-runners or Spares/repairs watches can be worthwhile but here are a couple of cautions. Beware any watch that is incomplete. A missing second hand (look for it!) means that somebody else has been in there and tried to fix it. They have failed, so you may be dealing with broken, bodged or missing parts. A seller who usually opens the back but doesn't on a non- runner may know more than you do about it! Then there is the "Just over wound" watch. If it is wound tight(The correct term, watches cannot be over wound) then that is because it didn't run when it was wound and it has been wound to a stop without success. It is actually broken. Avoid anything with a rusty dial. It won't be any better inside. Avoid very old watches if you are buying to wear. They often are not shockproofed. Buy with care. Anything that comes with incabloc protection and in a stainless steel case has a good chance of being viable and repairable. Most of all, however, don't be afraid to ask if the balance swings freely. If it doesn't then it will certainly need professional (Read expensive) attention and amateurs should leave it alone.
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