Tips for new eBay sellers and buyers.

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Here are some useful tips for new eBay buyers and sellers.

Firstly, for new buyers.

Find your item, watch your item BUT  keep in your mind how much you are willing to spend on it. Auction fever can cost you a lot of money. Don't forget that you will have postage and packaging to be added to the total, and is some rare cases even VAT. 

Secondly, read the description well, it's no good blaming the seller for goods not as you expected them to be.

We all get a picture in our minds what the item will look like, in reality it could be completly different, so READ ABOVE.

Thirdly, if the goods are sold to you not as described you are allowed to claim a refund, most sellers will refund with-out question any refund if the goods are not as described. They will not refund just because the customer didn't read the advert correctly. Some sellers still try to add a percentage to the total if the customer uses PayPal to pay, this is against eBay rules, so don't pay it! You can check-out any seller by clicking on their feedback score, it's then up to you if you wish to carry on.

Now for new sellers.

Some new sellers can get panic attacks when their first sale goes through, i.e, What do we do next? How do i send it? How do i wrap it?

Easy steps to remember are, first its an email you have received, it has all your sales details on it including your buyers details. Print it off, put it with the item that has been sold (rubber bands help).

Some new sellers have an idea that either a padded bag or some bubble wrap and wrapping paper solves the the problem. It doesn't!  A boxed item has more value that an unboxed item but both should be treated with respect, your customer has bought them. Would you like a boxed item sent to you in a padded bag or bubble wrapped only? I don't think you would, you open up your package to find the goods inside are either badly damaged or unusable.

Go to  your  local mini-mart if you don't have card boxes, ask the shop owner/keeper for some empty boxes, he will gladly give them to you. Cut them up to fit your package, it's easy. Also get some bubble wrap or the poly quavers and pack inside the item (if possible) and also all around the goods. The more protection you provide the better the item will travel. When you are listing your item you will see a box asking how long it will be before you post the item, your decision.

Remember the less damage your parcel arrives in is equal to less refunds, it's your money after all.

Postage costs are another problem some members worry about, an easy solution is use the kitchen scales, note down the weight, then go to the Royal Mail web site. It will give you an exact price to send parcels all over the world for FREE. Don't forget to allow for the parcel wrappings and packing. When you get to the web site, click on Postal Prices then Price Finder. You can choose between KG's or Gram's, very easy.

A simple solution to a tricky problem.

New sellers descriptions just recently seem to have gone down-hill, OK, they maybe just starting out but the major mistake they make is so simple to solve.

What ever the fault is and you see it, LIST IT! I have had numerous items from sellers (new and old hands) where they haven't bothered to tell you the faults with the item, including the outer boxes. If your not sure your item is either used or mint you can cover yourself by putting VNM (very near mint) or VGC (very good condition) or if it is perfect just put the word MINT.  When it comes to outter boxes say if the corners are rubbed or torn (called dog ears). Split's in packaging (belonging to item,not outter wrapping) also come under what is classed as damage, MENTION IT. It will save you a lot of ear ache and hassle.

Hopefully these tips will help someone thinking about buying or selling on eBay. I have been doing both now for a few years and can honestly say that it has been enjoyable the whole time, you will get some silly kids who place bids and win an auction, then don't pay. You will also get some buyers who claim that their item hasn't arrived (thank god for registered post) but they are few and far between. You can check -out any buyer by clicking on their feedback score, it's then up to you if you wish to carry on OR send your item via Signed For mail. It may cost the customer a little more but you will be assured that when it is delivered you can see it on the Royal Mail web-page.

Enjoy what ever you do, make a fortune and keep the eBay spirit alive.

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