Tips for the Stress free Wedding

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Wedding Eve
Make a timetable for your preparations on the day and follow it.
Ensure that you get to bed at a reasonable time the night before and avoid too much alcohol. 
The last thing you want in the morning is a hangover, although one for medicinal purposes is fine of course.

On the Morning
Start your day as calmly and slowly as possible, allowing yourself time to absorb as much as possible of the events as they unfold.
Have plenty of time to soak in the bath undisturbed, with a cup of tea.
Be sure to eat breakfast, even if it just a couple of slices of toast. No matter how much your stomach is nervously somersaulting, it would be far worse if you were to faint from hunger later on.
Take a few moments before the furore begins to relax and just contemplate the day ahead.
If there is a particular person who will be around while you are preparing that you find difficult or stressful, try to keep your distance. 
Give them responsibility for lots of minor jobs. This will let them think that they are important, but will also keep them out of your hair.

At the Ceremony
Your big moment has arrived and the rehearsals are over. You are the star of the show so put on your best performance.
Even the most serene bride will be feeling at least a few nerves as the time approaches to join her groom, so as you enter the wedding venue, take a deep breath. Take your time to make your entrance. Not only will it allow you to compose yourself, it will give your guests a chance to admire you.
Be sure to look around you and return the smiles of your guests.
It may sound obvious, but keep breathing. Nerves can quickly develop into panic and when you come to make your vows, nothing happens. You will no doubt have seen images of brides (and grooms) passing out at this moment and been dreading it happening to you. Don’t despair! This doesn’t happen very often, but is often caused by rising panic and the lack of oxygen.
Keep in the back of your mind that everyone there is wishing you the very best, so feel supported by your guests, not burdened.
If emotions get the better of you, don’t be embarrassed about shedding a tear or two. Just be sure to use waterproof mascara.

At the Reception
Most receptions begin with the receiving line. Take this opportunity to say at least a few words to everyone. 
This will also help you relax as you are wished well by happy, smiling people.
A tip to help you remember as much as possible of your day is to have someone with an alarm on their watch, set it to go off once every hour. Ask them to remind you each time it goes off to take a few moments to look around the room to see what everyone is doing.
Don’t forget that there are two of you in the spotlight today, so share what you see and hear with each other. 
This will all add to helping you remember more of your day when you look back.

The most important thing you can do to help you relax, enjoy and remember your day is to laugh. Funny incidents and quips are always memorable, and even near disasters can be humorous and are always best remembered for the laughter, not the tears.
Don’t drink too much. Everyone knows that alcohol dulls the mind, so if you want to form a lasting memory of your wedding day, at least pace yourself with your drinks. Usually, toasts are a wonderful excuse for drinking champagne, but sip rather than gulp. You will have at least three of these and you will probably already have enjoyed some wine with your meal. Have enough to help you relax, but leave some space for what you might find in the bridal suite. Sharing a bottle of chilled champagne when you are finally alone is a wonderful way you and your new husband can enjoy and spend time looking back over your day before getting on to the pleasures of married life.
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