Tips on Air conditioning on cars

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When we first bought our car from a honda dealer, we had everything in the car, electric window's, air conditioning nice luxury to have (when your told how to use it properly.) We had the  icar for well over 12 month's and we noticed the air con was not working as it should be, this red hot summer's day. So i took it back to our local Stan palmer honda dealer, and they could not see anything wrong with it, at the time, the air conditioning pump was working, they did all the test's even testing the gas in it, which all came back normal, as they could not find a thing wrong with it, my hubby still has the car and yes it's still not working, it was'nt till he got it in for it's service that they told us the gas need doing in it, which was going to cost a fortune, so my hubby left it.

It was'nt until last year that i decided to buy a new Honda Jazz again it had all the mod con's air conditioning, electric window's electric mirror's. So just out of curiousty i asked the dealer about how to keep your air condtioning system working, and he suggested these tips, which may help not only on Honda's but other car's, fords, hyundai, citroen ford, etc.....

1) once a month put the air condition on for approx 5 to 10 minutes once a month, this stops the pump from ceasing up, and also keeps the gas.

2) This might sound stupid but honestly it does work, ever woke up on a cold frosty morning???? To defrost your car quicker and a lot faster, use the air condtioning, it defrost's your windscreen in seconds, this is better as your waiting for the car engine to warm up, (have the heater on warm though) trust me it works, i timed mine last year when we had the really nasty cold spell, within 20 seconds i could drive home, as i'd been night shift. Also it keeps the air con in tip top working order, stops the pump ceasing up, and also the expense of having to get your air conditioning system de-gased, which again is expensive.

3) Finally never put the air con on whilst you are driving, as because the air con drives off the clutch, it can knacker your air conditioning pump, switch it on while the car is at idle speed, and switch it off when the car is at idle speed, never when the car is driving.

I was given these tips by a proper Honda dealer who knew his stuff about air conditioning, even the mechanic's was also present at the time, and up to now with the tips from above i've never had problems with my air con, only problem is it like's petrol as your engine is working a bit harder, as the air con slows down the engine, hence the more petrol we use.

I hope these tips help you driver's out, as it has with me, just wish we were told this when my hubby bought his HRV. If these tips help you please give me your vote.

Finally happy and safe motoring people.

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