Titanic Postcards For Sale On Ebay

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The majority of Titanic Postcards being offered for sale on ebay are modern reproductions. There are a few unscrupulous sellers who would have you believe that they are selling genuine, vintage, or out of print, Titanic postcards. Some will try to dupe you into believing that the cards they are selling might be out of print.

There are a list of the most common Titanic postcards which are for sale throughout a thousand shops in Belfast selling tourist items and cost as little as .15 each or £5.50 per set of 100.

Black & White Titanic Four View Postcard.

Black & White Titanic Port Bow Postcard.

Black & White Titanic full view Maiden voyage Postcard.

The images which were used to make the above postcards were taken taken archives of the Ulster Folk and Transport Museum in Cultra, County Down. Published by John Hinde.

There are another four Titanic postcards that tend to sell for higher amounts of money on ebay. Two have a green look about them and one is called, A Marvel of Modern Engineering.

The other Titanic postcard features people standing on a quayside looking up at the RMS Titanic.

The third most common Titanic postcard for sale on ebay looks like an old sepia photograph of the ship.

The fourth postcard is a Colour Titanic Sinking ship April 12th 1912 postcard.

All four of the above coloured Titanic postcards can be bought from a little as £5.50 per set of thirty postcards.

Bid smart, ask questions and don't get conned out of your hard earned money on ebay.



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