Titleist Pro V1 fakes

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Despite posting my own guide about counterfeit Pro V1's I have fallen into the trap and bought some more fakes. This time they wer correctly boxed in dozens with internal sleeves of 3 and at first glance looked authentic. However when compared with genuine Titleist balls the differences are easy to see. Firstly the printing on the ball is in a thinner type face and they appear to have a coating over the printing which makes the print look less clear. The dimple pattern is slightly different and the patented Titleist alignment line is not accurately positioned on the equator. The balls also feel much harder when bounced on the face of a wedge and sound different when dropped on a hard surface. And finally I have noticed 2 significant differences in the packaging. Genuine ProV1's have a clear plastic window on the inner sleeve which is stuck to the inside of the box, but these fakes have a clear film stuck to the outside of the box. And most noticably of all the holographic logo on the front of the outer box and each inner sleeve of the fakes is not truly holographic and does not reflect the rainbow colours when held to light. But as always the biggest clue is the price: £20 - £25 per dozen probably means they are fakes. Caveat Emptor!

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