Titleist balls and the difference

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Many of us golfers can't tell the difference between hitting a crazy golf ball from a Pro V1 When we first start playing. However as our handicap comes down and we start to get a feel for the game, we begin to get a feel for the equipment.

Golf balls come at us from every angle, If you're an average Golfer, balls like the pinnacle are great for their value and price, but when you start hitting a Handicap of 12 or below, we start to feel even more between the equipment. There is no doubt by far the most popular ball on the PGA tour and at the local club is Titleist, sure it does not make that much difference, if it did Nike could offer Tiger a Billion dollars a year to use their ball but he'd still use Titleist. However to us lesser people the psychology of using the best ball helps.

Yet although it cannot be disputed that titlest is the best ball, we still need to know the difference between the balls titlest produces. The most common question is that of the difference beween PRO V1 ans PRO V1X. Below is the list of all the differences of titlest balls, hope it helps.

Compression no longer carries the importance it once did when the cores were wound (all are solid now), however, the finished compressions for our current models are as follows:

Pro V1...84 to 96
Pro V1x...95 to 105
NXT...66 to 72
NXT Tour...76 to 82
DT So/Lo...66 to 74

Choosing a golf ball that best suits your preferences relies heavily on if you are more concerned with added distance or green-side feel and performance. Below is a description of the current golf ball models on offer:

The Titleist Pro V1 is designed for the serious golfer with a wide range of launch conditions seeking tour-level golf ball performance and technology. The Pro V1 golf ball produces faster velocity for even longer distance from tee-to-green with drop-and-stop performance. This model also features longer, more consistent distance from tee-to-green with straight, consistent ball flight. It will also offer softer, high performance feel and shear abrasion-resistant cover durability.

The Titleist Pro V1x is optimally designed for golfers with higher swing speeds and high lift/high spin launch conditions. The Pro V1x produces less driver and full iron shot spin, which will help maximize distance and deliver straighter ball flight from tee-to-green, all while providing drop-and-stop performance and soft feel into and around the green. The longer, straighter distance from tee-to-green is beneficial for high speed and high spin players. The ball fight with the Pro V1x should be straighter and more penetrating. This model also offers shear and abrasion-resistant cover durability.

The Titleist NXT is designed for golfers seeking exceptional soft feel and low spin for long, straight distance from tee-to-green. The NXT has a softer and faster core that will offer longer, straighter distance.

The Titleist NXT Tour is designed for golfers seeking more shot-stopping control into and around the greens with the proven long distance and soft feel benefits of NXT technology. The NXT Tour has a softer core and it will offer longer distance with high short-game spin and control.

The Titleist DT So/Lo is designed for golfers seeking soft feel tee-through-green, with superior distance and guaranteed durability. The DT So/Lo combines soft feel with high-lift and long distance. In addition, this model provides lower driver spin, lower iron spin and good short game performance. Since the DT So/Lo is very low spinning off the driver and irons it should minimize the effects of a hook or slice. The DT So/Lo will help maximize both distance and feel for those players with slightly slower swing speeds.

Hope this helped.

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