Tm 450F

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After riding the TM450 you kind of get the feeling that its appeal is aimed at a certain type of rider,which is fine because they do not mass produce these machines. It definitely has a sturdy feel and a certain racey vibe about it. The spec of the bike is very high indeed and it looks nothin short of a factory mount: because of that you can expect to pay slightly more than your typical Japanese bike. However,if you buy Japanese and then want to swap your suspension units,yokes and exhaust system you,re probably not going to be too far from the TM price. Basically,if you're a TM450 owner and you were buying a street bike i'd guess that the kind of machine you'd opt for would be a ducati,or MV Augusta. If you were buying a car then you'd probably go for the ferrari or the lambo, the main reason being that you want something a little bit different to the norm
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