To Buy Or Not To Buy... 1st Hand Guide

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This guide is to aid eBayers the relief of buying items. Made completely originally.


First, you need to prepare. Take notes of suitable applicants of the item you want to buy - this can be done by eBay's "watch this item" feature, this lets you almost tag the items you want to compare and lets you see them in your eBay Summary. Take note of whether the item is a "Buy It Now" or an "Auction" (This guide is primarily to discuss auctions, but you could just skip to the payment section.) Then consult a person who specialises in the product you want ie. If you want to buy a telephone off eBay, it would be helpful to contact a telephone supplier. OR you could research for yourself, ie. search the internet for examples and match up the quality and price, maybe you know someone who has one of the item? In part of your research you need to learn about the seller. Look at their feedbacks, the item you want could be in the hands of a ruff handled, over priced, slow postage person, OR the other way round - it is often more common that eBay sellers are very well organised and take pride in most of their work, but it is worth checking out. Then look at the timing, regularly, if it is an auction, then you want to wait until the last day or few hours even to evaluate the interest in the item. (Also be aware of the Postage and Packaging costs - maybe the seller does multiple postages on their items?)


Now once you have come to a propper conclusion of the item you want, it is time to bid. EBay's automatic bidding system works well for buyers because all you have to do is enter your maximum bid in the little box and press bid! (But you do have to confirm the bid as well) If you want more information about eBay bidding system I am sure there is a help page... I also want you to be aware of sniper programmes - these are bidding services that bid for someone on the last few seconds, I in my opinion feel cheated when I see this happen, but some people may chose to do this. OK, now, hopefully, you have bought your item, don't worry if you lost the auction, and maybe try one of your other options.



This has to be done. And to the exact amount (unless the item's reserve has not been met, which will result in the seller offering you the reserve price or selling it to you at the high bid price). This can be done in a number of ways, ie. PayPal, Postal Cheque, Personal Cheque, Credit/Debit cards, Pay upon pickup,.. ect. The payment has to be read very well as this could result in the seller cheating you.


Well that's it, if you have any questions please contact me but I hope this helps.


Kind Regards


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