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Hi I just thought I'd write a bit on why I use ebay and what I am aiming for.  All the stuff I am selling at the minute is clothing that I have bought for my family and relatives that was either unfortunately the wrong size for them or unwanted.  I am new to ebay and it is a new experience for me but hopefully one day I will be a powerseller and make a decent earning. 

A lot of my items for sale now are buy it now and best offer this is because I want anyone that is interested to make a reasonable offer of how much they want it for so I get a quick sale and are happy with a low price.  A lot of the time I will accept the first offer if it is decent which mostly has been.  In some cases you would be surprised how much I accept for my items, I can normally accept around ten pounds less than my buy it now price.  My aim is to literally let anyone interested in my items to set the price and get what they want quick. 



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