To bid, buy Now Or Best Offer !

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Some items E-Bay sellers would be happy to sell at half price or 75% of the price, other seller would not be happy at this practice. The seller needs to try and get the highest price for his item he can, the buyer tries to buy the item for as low a price as he can. For the seller it’s a fine line between profit and loss after all hidden selling cost are taken into account. Unwanted items it’s a bonus for sellers to sell on E-bay, but for the Shops, that are buying from the manufactures at wholesale price and to sell on E-Bay it can be difficult with so much competition.  As a seller of items I get very few best offers, which surprises me. It’s nice to sell at full retail price. But after all E-bay is a market place and as like all markets places shoppers need to find Bargains, or else they may as well go to the Shops and pay full price or Waite for the sales. Any way best guide is use the Best offer, you will never know until you try it.


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