To buy or Not to buy the Kindle Fire HD

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I told my hubby that I really would like an ipad for my birthday (September) thought I would drop the hint in now so as he had plenty of time to start saving.

Mothers day was fast approaching and I had hinted that I would quite like a kindle. Well hubby being hubby he goes out and gets me a Kindle from the kids for Mothers day, not the normal one no he goes out and gets me the new Kindle Fire HD!!!! Oh my days! I absolutely love it, I haven't put it down.

Coming away from my  iphone it did take me a little while to get used to the different layout and navigation of it but it didn't take me long to master it.

Within two days I had managed to transfer most of my music across from my iphone (the only ones that wouldn't transfer over were cds which I had complied myself), I'm sure if I do a little more research I will be able to find a way to transfer these over too. I have  down load several free books and loads of free games.

I was surprised at the amount of apps available on the kindle which I thought were only compatible with the iphone. ie note pad, calculator photo shop torch light etc etc..... I then downloaded bbci player so can now sneak off at any given time to watch catch up TV of My favourite programmes without having to listen to the kids and hubby moaning about watching stuff that they don't like. its absolute heaven : )

I used my iphone for eBay and also Facebook and now use my kindle which is much better being that the screen is so much larger. Again it did take me a little while to get around navigation of the sites as they are laid out slightly differently.

Amazon have a huge selection of books and the beauty of reading them on the kindle is you can change the type face make it bigger smaller change background colour type face etc. I don't know about you but sometimes I get stuck on a word and just skip it and try and guess what it means or think to myself, oh I shall have to look that up in the dictionary later, but of course never do! Well no need to now all you have to do is hold your finger on the word and hey presto definition is there take your finger off the word and carry on reading the book.

You can also subscribe to loads of magazines and have them downloaded straight on to your kindle, never miss another issue again. Plus you can keep them for as long as you like and refer back to them at any given time, plus no more magazines left lying around the house. 

There are a lot of free game apps available too, especially word games my favourite, also the normal run of the mill card games and bubble popping games.

I have now subscribed to Love film and have purchased the necessary cable (from ebay at a very good price under £5) so we can now connect the kindle to our big TV and all watch the films together as a family. To be fair I'm not that impressed with love film on the whole as the films are quite old and am considering joining  Netflix instead as you seem to have a far better variety of films to choose from. But the concept is brilliant and its very fast streaming and you don't get any buffering which is an added bonus.

I'm soo impressed with my kindle that I'm thinking of getting one for my mum and she can just about turn on a computer, but its so easy to get your head around that I don't think she will have a problem with it at all. Plus she might be able to down size on her handbag. ( kiss good buy to all those puzzle books pens reading book etc she packs into her handbag when she comes to stay) 

Hubby's also over the moon as I now no longer want an Ipad for my birthday, I don't need one now I have my Kindle fire HD : )  I need to get my thinking cap on for something else he can get me for my birthday!!!!!

This has got to be the best present my Kids and Hubby have EVER brought me, I love it and never leave home without it now. The only down side is my kids love it as much as I do  and I'm often having to adventure in to the NO GO ZONE AREA teenagers bedrooms to retrieve it!  I also have a very sneaking feeling that my hubby is going to ask for one for fathers days!

I hope you have enjoyed reading my guide and have found it useful with regards to whether or not to buy a Kindle Fire HD

If you have then please click on yes or no at the end of this guide to show if it has been of any help

Many thanks.

I'm off now for a spot of reading : ) on my bestest present every My Kindle Fire HD

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