To good to be true

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Quite often scams feed off our greed,  offering something for nothing,  with disastrous results,  if it does not feel right follow your first instinct do not buy,  always pick up ebay info. from the ebay site when you have signed on,  it is  hard on the new comers to ebay but check feed backs we can all drop the odd clanger and not satisfy that one difficult  customer (no matter what we do). so if its just the odd one and I mean odd  negative feedback its not a problem, if its 5% or more Worry. check if the seller has been around for months or years,  in which case you can proceed with reasonable certainty that you are with an established seller. its better to say no and be safe than scammed. I have been internet selling 6 years ebaying for 2 I will not sell to the old eastern block countries Russia, Bulgaria, Poland etc or South Africa, Nigeria, Venezuela  and Mexico. As a seller not only do you lose the goods, if its a fraudulent card payment you will have to pay back the money and often get a charge back from the bank any where up to £25 each transaction  its not the bank that looses out, its not the customer, its the seller. as a buyer check if the people you trade with have a land line telephone, its always a good indication they have a base to sell from and less likely to do a runner  I do not like mobiles. but its now a way of life  check for a regular address,  if you are worried check the post code finder, do not take people on face value if you are spending alot of money, a genuine seller will give you all the info you need and will not mind if you Check it. remember a genuine seller or buyer will not mind being visible.
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