Toddlers Potty Charts & Reward Charts

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 I wanted a Potty Sticker Chart for my son so I could begin the huge challenge ahead of potty training. After watching such programs as Super Nanny etc I thought this seemed like a great and simple idea to encourage a child to use a potty and also the Reward Charts for good behaviour. Genius!

 However the task of finding one seemed impossible until I checked Ebay! Surely enough Ebay had some.!

  The Seller descibed  the charts as Professionally made by them, Hand Crafted  and could be personalized with childs name, could craft them so they have picture of favorite TV Characters e.g In the Night Garden, Lamenated so that charts are  protected and easily cleaned of stickers.

 They sounded perfect and Seller made them sound like a lot of time and effort was spent crafting these charts by hand. With P&P it worked out just over £5, which considering I could not find one anywhere seemed like a small price to pay to make potty training less of a challenge!

  When it came in post the envolope even looked very professional with a lovely sticker sealing it with the name and address of the business (home business). Everything gave the impression of this business having a very artsy n carfty feel to it!

  How wrong could I have been!!!

The disappointment when i saw the potty chart, it was simply a picture of all the Characters in In the Night Garden downloaded from a website with my sons name typed in coloured bold print, the days of the week and some stars alongside them and then lamenated (which reward charts should be obviously so stickers can b removed without damaging it).

  I choose not to return it as not worth hassel but told seller i thought it was disgusting that they could do this, it was obviously just a normal computer that most house holds have that had printed this chart out and then lamenated! You can buy lamenaters for £10!!

So watch out and try and see a decent photo of your charts if you view any!!! A good place to print out charts is Cbeebies and get it lamenated yourself!

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