Tomato growing and taste trials 2006

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Amish Paste                                    Ferline                            Garden Pearl                   Brandywine

Due to a hosepipe ban I decided to grow all my tomatoes outdoors in beds. I started seeds off in the greenhouse in April and potted the seedlings into 9cm pots. When first flowers appeared I then planted them outside after last frosts. They were watered every other day and fed with liquid seaweed every two weeks. I had the following results:

Amish Paste - gorgeous large tear drop fruits which made an excellent sauce. Good crops.

Ferline - fantastic crops, great flavour - even better when grilled, big fruits.

Black Krim - disappointing - cracked and rotted.

Sungold - favourite with the family for sweet taste but very fragile slightist breeze and they fell off.

Britains breakfast - prolific, no prunning required, nice flavour.

Italia - small plum excellent for sauces, no prunning, prolific.

Golden Sunrise - fantastic crops, beautiful tomato, no flavour!

Garden Pearl - hanging baskets, sweet, cropped for very long time.

Sweet millions - got eaten by slugs at planting stage!

Tomato Brandywine - grew this last year in the greenhouse and was superb, this year outside crops well down but still a favourite with the family.

Overall, tomatoes cropped well into September when they finally fell to tomato blight, ferline being the last by over two weeks. Black Krim and Golden Sunrise being the most disappointing.

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