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Why Choose the New Range of Pliers and Nippers from Beta Tools… on…..

Beta Tools has launched a new pliers and nippers range, as the result of a detailed, comprehensive revision programme which has translated into ranges - from BetamaX to BetaEasy - based on products varying in type, designed for professionals.

Thoroughly groundbreaking products which stand out because of up-to-the minute design as a blend of ergonomic properties and force engineering, raw material composition, manufacturing process optimisation, in-depth quality control and unsurpassed performance.

A project which encouraged Beta Tools to devote every single resource to developing a range of superior products where performance requirements harmonize with the specific goal of reducing costs for the company and prices
for users.

Maximum Performance
High-performance pliers and nippers. Groundbreaking handles with three pressure areas, synonymous with exclusive design. The hard component results in optimised power transmission and guaranteed accuracy. The soft components are the name for maximized comfort. The pin, placed close to the cutting edge, makes it possible to optimise the lever ratio. The ideal range for the most demanding professional.

Quality tools
The most comprehensive range of pliers and nippers is now available in two different types of handles:
• Bi-material handles where a hard core - designed to transmit power and accuracy - matches a soft antislip component;
• Slim handles - coated with two layers of antislip PVC - which are quick to use under any conditions.

Both ranges are based on a new bright chrome-plated metal body, designed to deliver remarkable holding and cutting performance.

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