Too High Postage !!!!

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ARGH!!!! It drives me mad to see people charge extortionate amounts for postage! For instance, a lightweight top - starting bid 0.99p ... great!, you think! Then look at the postage ... £3.50 "Sellers standard charge"!!! Well, being a seller on ebay, it does pee me off 'cos I know exactly how much it costs to send things by Royal Mail.
A 1st class package, weighing between 100g and 250g will cost £1.38 to post.... and that's if it is too big to post through the 'large letters' slot. If it fits through there then they'll only pay 44p !!!
I promise my sellers that I weigh the package at home... then add no more than 20p for packaging costs. I buy proper mailing sacks, cellotape & tissue paper to wrap my items in. I think that is completely fair. Why do some people want to try and fool their buyers by starting a bid or buy-it-now at a pound or so - but charge stupid amounts for postage.
Today I saw a T-shirt for my son ... a rangers football shirt - started at 0.01p - postage £15 !!! Yeh - I'd rather you start the bidding higher - and charge less for postage.
If you do this ... then you're a crook! If you want £5.00 for an item then just put that - don't make up the postage costs!
Sorry ... I'm just letting off steam here!

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