Too good to be true.

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How many times have you looked at an item, usually electronic and usually very cheap, and thought that's a great deal?  Well it's not!

The seller will usually have a very good score and the ad will be quite proffessional.  If you want to know the truth...Check the length of the listing!!

Invariably it will only be a one day listing.  Why??? Because the profile has been hijacked, possibly while the real owner is on holiday and won't check again for a few days. I know because it happened to me, fortunately I was able to get the auction stopped before the end date.

Two things to note here.

1.  Don't use Internet Cafes to check your account.  Either they will have software to check your keystrokes or the next person to use the computer will be able to access your account.

2. If you have to use other computers, sign out completely and make sure no one saw your passwords.

If you see an ad for say, an iPod, and it is very cheap and comes from an apparently good seller, check the following;

How long is it listed for?

What other items has the seller for sale?  Many items of the same type?

Check their history, was he/she selling toys and low value items but now has high value gadgets?

Do they ask you to contact a different email address because the registered one doesn't work?

If you can answer yes to any of these questions..DON'T BUY. Report it to bay and save yourself a fortune.

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