Too much fake stuff being sold on Ebay

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The trouble with Ebay is that they seem to turn a blind eye to all the fake stuff being sold on their site.

They also seem to only care about their profits, only recently I bought a DVD on Ebay, not only was it fake it never even arrived, Ebay removed the item once I had paid for it, that sadly was of no use to me.

I use Ebay a lot & have to say that I am very concerned about who I now buy from, in fact unless they have a very high good feedback then I don't normally use them to buy from.

Ebay could clean their site up in next to no time, yet it never does, so why are they surprised when they are on the news & watchdog programmes.

All Ebayers should have to have a vaild credit card on file that is linked to their home address, that would soon stop a lot of what is going on, also all new members should be stopped from selling & bidding on valuable items.

I sell cars sometimes on Ebay, out of over 50 cars sold on this site, less then 10 were ever collected, Ebay should allow sellers to stop bids automatically for anyone with less then 15+ feedbacks.

Ebay is a great thing, but is slowly becoming more trouble then it is worth, I now use this site less & less and that will continue for me & many others.

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