Top 10 Best Fridge-Freezers

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Kitchen appliances are generally an important part of any home, and many consumers consider the refrigerator the most important among them. A quality refrigerator and freezer ensures that the food contained within stays fresh, and that the frozen items remain at consistent, and safe, temperatures. Not all refrigerators are alike, however. Since different brands and models often include completely different features, it is important for consumers to look at each specific model, and its features, and decide if it fits their needs. Consumers can find some of the best fridge-freezers, like these top 10 and other brands, including  Beko, on eBay.
1 Rangemaster DxD

The Rangemaster DxD refrigerator offers plenty of space for food storage. With its double doors on top for extra wide refrigeration and drawer style freezer compartments underneath, this appliance offers ease of access and lots of room. The Rangemaster DxD features frost-free compartments and filtered water in the door, as well as spill-proof glass shelves and acrylic drawers. The DxD is available in stainless steel, cream, and black.


2 Samsung RFG23DERS
Samsung RFG23DERS

With a multi-flow twin cooling system and separate environment controls for each compartment, the side-by-side Samsung RFG23DERS adds a touch of class to any kitchen. Its CoolSelect pantry design offers filtered ice water in the door and tempered glass shelves. The refrigerator's double drawers provide individual temperature and humidity controls, allowing the consumer to keep foods at their freshest. The RFG23DERS also sports a wine rack and separate dairy compartment.



The LG GWL227HHXV is an energy saving refrigerator with 537 litres of interior storage space. The side-by-side refrigerator features both a door alarm and child lock. The appliance's BioShield and frost-free cooling system makes it easy for the consumer to keep the refrigerator clean and clear, and the humidity-controlled vegetable crisper provides keeps fruits and vegetables fresh.



As a freestanding, Energy Star compliant refrigerator, the GE GBSC0HBX offers owners a host of features. The crown doors feature hidden hinges that give the refrigerator a modern look, and the illuminated controls in the front make it easy for the consumer to read and adjust the temperatures.


5 Samsung RSH7UN

The Samsung RSH7UN side-by-side refrigerator and freezer offers an A+ energy rating. With its frost-free features, the RSH7UN prevents ice build-up inside the freezer compartment, making this appliance relatively maintenance-free. One of the most admirable features of the RSH7UN, however, is the door alarm that alerts the consumer if the refrigerator door is open.


6 Samsung RSG5UCRS
Samsung RSG5UCRS

The Samsung RSG5UCRS sports multi-flow cooling and frost-free features to keep the refrigerator and freezer free of frost and ice. This side-by-side model features foldable shelves and a separate chiller compartment in the refrigerator, plus an internal water filter in the freezer that provides cold water through the door.


7 KitchenAid KFCS22EVMS
KitchenAid KFCS22EVMS

Standing 72 inches tall, the KitchenAid KFCS22EVMS completely fills the space above the fridge that most other refrigerator models leave. Not only does this make for a more appealing look, but also offers 3 inches of extra storage space inside the appliance. This model features a side-by-side refrigerator on the top, and a triple-level freezer drawer below.


8 LG LDC22720ST

The LG LDC22720ST is a stainless steel model refrigerator and freezer with a vertical design. The single refrigerator door on top and freezer drawer on bottom fits in most kitchen spaces, and offers a range of shelves and bins for food storage. Its two separate humidity crispers provide ample space for fruits and vegetables, while a built-in door alarm alerts consumers to open doors.


9 KitchenAid KBRS22KW

As a high efficiency, energy saving refrigerator, the KitchenAid KBRS22KW features FreshSeal humidity controlled crisper bins that allow consumers to easily see the contents of the drawers. Rather than drawers, the lower freezer compartment contains baskets for easy removal and cleaning.


10 Whirlpool EB9SHKXVQ
Whirlpool EB9SHKXVQ

The Whirlpool EB9SHKXVQ, a vertical refrigerator with a bottom freezer, is a standard height and Energy Star qualified. The refrigerator compartment features large door shelves that can accommodate oversized bottles and containers, as well as two individual see-through crisper drawers. The freezer, while undersized in comparison to other models, offers a built-in ice maker and slide-out drawer. For more fridges and freezers browse the Whirlpool collection on eBay.


How to Buy Fridge-Freezers on eBay

When comparing refrigerators one of the key things to look for is size. Since some refrigerator models are taller than others, consumers should ensure that the height of the appliance fit the available space. Another consideration, of course, is the energy consumption of a particular model. Energy efficient models are great for the environment and the electric bill alike. There are many different models of refrigerators and accessories available on eBay, so consumers should compare features and ratings to determine which specific model is right for them. Finding the proper refrigerator or freezer is as easy as using eBay's search function.
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