Top 10 Best Headphones for Bass in 2015 - Expert Reviews

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Are you looking for headphones with powerful bass? Would you consider yourself a bit of a basshead? Thanks to headphones with emphasized bass like Beats by Dre we've noticed that a popular requirement for new headphones is big bass.

At Hifiheadphones our audio gurus have collected the best headphones for bassheads currently available and reviewed them all to help you choose. From established brands like Pioneer and Beyerdynamic, to new kids on the block like DUNU, RHA and the awesome new Aurisonic ASG 1.5 earphones, check out our current top 10 best headphones of the year so far.

Best headphones or bass under £50
1. DUNU DN-22M Detonator
This entry level in-ear is the bassiest we have heard! Not only do they have big bass, top end clarity and build quality is great for a sub-£40 earphone.

Fostex have been in the audio business for a long time, and it shows with their entry level headphone. For under £50 you will struggle to find a full size headphone with as much good quality bass and build.

Best headphones or bass under £100
If in-ears aren't for you then the P30S is the best for the price. Portable, comfortable, great isolation and most importantly - they've got that bass!

4. FIDUE A71
These dual driver IEM's go low. Very low! They have a mini sub-woofer as well as a smaller dynamic driver inside each earpiece - supplying not only great bass but lots of detail too.

5. DUNU Titan 1
These beauties are one of our favourites! For under £100 you get extremely sturdy build quality, amazing sound - bass, detail, soundstage, separation and energy. They have it all.

Best headphones or bass under £200
6. RHA T10 / T10i
Built like a tank, the RHA T10 is built to last. They come supplied with a filter system which gives you 3 levels of sound - bass, bassier and blow your head off!

7. BEYERDYNAMIC Custom One Pro
Beyerdynamic are best known for their studio headphones - The Custom One Pro has studio build quality but can be used with portable devices. They have superb isolation and most importantly great sound! With the 3 bass port settings on each earcup you can customise your sound to suit your music.

Best headphones or bass over £200
The AF140 gives you three drivers inside each earphone housing - one 9mm dynamic driver for the low end power and two balanced armature drivers for crystal clear detail. The resulting sound has punchy bass and lots of energy.

These are real Beats beaters. Not only do they have lots of bass, it's good quality bass. It goes as low as you like with no distortion. That's not all - unlike their competitors they also have great detail and separation.

Finally, the ASG-1.5 delivers a full-bodied, warm, organic sound with an incredible and articulate bass response that is captivating and powerful. Each housing holds a 14.2mm dynamic driver and the build quality is what you would expect and more from a high end IEM.

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