Top 10 Bose Speakers

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Top 10 Bose Speakers
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Whether buyers are looking for Bluetooth speakers or for a more complex Wi-Fi home audio system, there are multiple high-quality Bose products to choose from. When shopping for Bose speakers, buyers should take into account the way they intend to use the speakers, the size of the room, and the power and price of the speakers. For example, users who only listen to music occasionally may opt for a pair of bookshelf speakers, whereas those who want to get the most out of their music may opt for a pair of floor-standing speakers. Reviewing the characteristics of the best Bose speakers on the market may help buyers to make a wise investment.
1 901 Direct/Reflecting Speaker System
901 Direct/Reflecting Speaker System

The 901 Direct/Reflecting Speaker System allow users to enjoy a mix of directed and reflected sound, similar to that of a live performance. The speakers are part of the 901 speakers series, and are a good option for music and films. The system includes two speakers and one active equaliser, and is compatible with all Bose home cinema systems.

2 Bose Solo TV Sound System
Bose Solo TV Sound System

The Bose Solo TV Sound System comes with a single speaker and one connection. It reproduces a wide range of sounds that enhance the music, dialogue, and effects of the TV shows. Consumers can place the Bose Solo TV Sound System under their flat screen TV to transform their TV experience.

3 Free Space 51 Environmental Speakers
Free Space 51 Environmental Speakers

The speakers">Free Space 51 Environmental Speakers allow music lovers to take their favourite tunes with them in the outdoors. This is a good option for places where wall mounting is not available. Users can place these speakers on the deck or in the garden and connect them to their audio equipment in the house.

4 L1 Compact System
L1 Compact System

This audio system is suitable for those who are looking for a powerful, yet portable system for their musical performances or business presentations. It is very easy to set up and features an integrated bass speaker in the power stand. The L1 Compact System features a built-in amplifier and mixer, so users do not need to carry any accessories around.

5 201 Direct/Reflecting Speaker System
201 Direct/Reflecting Speaker System

Consumers looking for a pair of speakers that can provide a listening experience similar to a live performance in the small room may opt for the 201 Direct/Reflecting Speaker System. These bookshelf speakers offer a room-filling performance on their own or as part of a home-cinema system.

6 Soundlink Bluetooth Mobile Speaker II
Soundlink Bluetooth Mobile Speaker II

This mobile speaker is the ideal choice for users who want to listen to the music in their phone or music player anytime, anywhere. The Soundlink Bluetooth Mobile Speaker II is compatible with the iPhone, Android phones, and Blackberry, and reproduces a deep, full sound despite its small appearance.

7 Virtually Invisible 791 In-Ceiling Speakers
Virtually Invisible 791 In-Ceiling Speakers

The speakers">Virtually Invisible 791 In-Ceiling Speakers come with two tweeters and a 17.8 cm woofer. Users can install them in the ceiling with the help of the four clamp screws that come with the system. These speakers are a good idea for users who do not have enough space in the room for other types of sound systems.

8 Acoustimass 6 Series III Speaker System
Acoustimass 6 Series III Speaker System

The system">Acoustimass 6 Series III Speaker System is a six-piece system that comes with a large powered subwoofer. This home theatre speaker system delivers a big sound, but it comes with many wires. The satellite speakers are very small, yet they deliver a full and rich sound.

9 Companion 20 Multimedia Speaker System
Companion 20 Multimedia Speaker System

The Companion 20 Multimedia Speaker System is a two-piece sound system with a sleek design. It is suitable for enhancing the audio from a computer. These speakers come with a control pod that makes it easy to control the volume, add various audio devices, or connect headphones.

10 161 Speaker System
161 Speaker System

The 161 Speaker System features two bookshelf speakers and it is a good choice for the home or office. They work on their own or as part of a home theatre system. Their stereo sound is excellent and comparable with that of much larger Bose speakers.

How to Buy Bose Speakers

eBay offers a large selection of Bose speakers and you can find the one you are looking for with just a few clicks. To start the search for a new or used pair of Bose speakers on eBay, type the name of the product you want into the search bar of the website. If you are not sure which type of speakers would be right for you, search for 'Bose speakers' and browse through the results until you find something suitable. When shopping for Bose speakers on eBay, pay attention to the location of the seller, as well as his or her feedback score and return policy.
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