Top 10 Christmas Presents on ebay!!

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Hi there,

This is my first ever guide and as a mum, know the curse of christmas shopping.  Shopping online can help you beat the christmas bustle, and here is what I've been able to make out are biggies for christmas.  Please note, I'm only really considering things for the kids, cos' their what christmas is for!?   

I no particular order, 10 Christmas presents on ebay!!

1.  Anything to do with Nintendo Wii

At the time of writing the nintendo Wii, was still two weeks from release, and dozens of pre orders have been sold on ebay for machines and games, some going for a lot more than retail, I myself have sold a preorder of a Wii.  Billed as the best machine ever, its beaten Sonys new Playstation 3 to the starting blocks, and is a lot lot cheaper.  However..........

2. Sony Playstation 3 - Import

Not due to be released in this country until March 2007, some people are paying in excess of £1000 to get a machine imported!!!!!!  I believe ebay have put some restrictions on this now, but still!!! People!  Have some patience, wait until march and get one for £450!!!  That play everything in this country, as at present time Sony have not confirmed that the hardware and software will be region free!!!  If you want to get them it for christmas, give them a card with an iou!

3. Dr Who Cyberman Helmet

I think this is maybe more popular than the Wii, apparently very hard to get!  The helmet fits over your head and makes you sound like a Cyberman.

4. Gaming Machines and consoles

I could fill the entire guide with different consoles, new and old, in different colours(they release the playstation 2 in a different colour every other year).  Theres the sony Range (Playstations, PSP etc) and Nintendo Range(gamecube, gameboy etc)  coming in black, silver, pink.  I'm bored of this one. They'll all be out of date in 2 years anyway!

5. Ipods

Apple have just withdrawn and released a 'new generation' of Ipods, which have got smaller, and have bigger memories, and new colours, and new accessories. So if you want to carry 10,000 songs in your pocket, this might be for you.  For just shy of £300.

6.Tickle me Elmo

Even I say this is so cute!!! The amazing red furry Elmo created especially to celebrate Tickle Me Elmo's 10th anniversary is THE hottest toy of the year. As per expectations, TMX Elmo is flying off the shelves faster than he even got there in the first place! So, what's so special about this giggly little red hairy guy? Well, tickle him to find out! His antics are so funny, and the best part is that they are totally contagious!

7.Butterscotch the real size pony

This very life-like pony from Hasbro is an extravagant treat indeed! Special sensors make it possible for Butterscotch to react just like a real live pony. Moving eyes, head and ears and a soft flowing mane and tail make Butterscotch a treat to touch and play with. Younger kids will enjoy sitting on Butterscotch and being gently bounced up and down. You can even "feed" the pony, or groom her and watch her reactions!

8. Bratz

Quickly replacing Barbie, bratz are the must have toy fo the older girls. 

9. Baby Annabel

The doll, clothes and accessories.  And their not cheap, even on ebay!

10.Mobile phone

Preferably one with Mp3 player facilities, camera, flash, internet access........

Is it me, or has christmas got really expensive?


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