Top 10 DVR Accessories

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Top 10 DVR Accessories
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Digital video recorders, or DVRs, have changed the way people watch television. Where once a viewer would have to watch a programme when it aired, he or she can now record the programme and watch it at a convenient time. The DVR has also made it possible for viewers to fast forward through commercials, rewind and re-watch an exciting moment, or pause a programme. Because the DVR has transformed the viewing experience, it is important for users to get the most out of their systems. By creating optimal viewing conditions and guarding against malfunctions, accessories play a major role in DVR enjoyment.
1 Home Theatre System
Home Theatre System

A home theatre system strives to re-create the cinema experience at home. It typically consists of a television of at least 27 inches diagonally, a surround-sound system, and a device to play content. Boxed home theatre systems typically include four or more speakers, a surround sound transmitter, and a DVD or similar player. Certain higher-end home theatres include DVR functions, while users can configure others to work with existing systems.

2 Television

Manufacturers configure DVRs to work with any kind of television signal, including cable and satellite, so nearly any model works. This makes television size and style the choice of the user. Most new television buyers today choose high-definition models,, which are compatible with HDMI devices and offer a clearer picture than the older, box-like cathode ray tube (CRT)

3 Universal Remote
Universal Remote

A DVR's remote control can be one more in a large collection of remote controls that clutter a living room. A universal remote control incorporates all these functions into one handy device, which controls each piece of equipment in a user's home theatre system. The market offers many options with various functionalities, so DVR owners should take care to choose a remote with DVR controls..

4 Power and Surge Protection
Power and Surge Protection

Because a DVR player adds additional demand for power to the home theatre system, savvy users balance this addition with a surge protector&">power and surge protector. These allow for multiple devices in a single socket, yet they also protect against harmful voltage increases. By sensing any upsurges in voltage and passing that extra voltage into an installed ground wire, the surge protector keeps high voltage from damaging the user's DVR.

5 Portable Media Device
Portable Media Device

A portable media device enables users to take recorded content on the go. Many top DVR devices have options for recording captured programmes onto these devices, so that users can view them on a different television or after deleting the programme from the device itself. Portable media devices are typically book-sized, run on battery power, and can often hold dozens of hours of content, which makes them ideal for recording content on a DVR player that is approaching its capacity.

6 DVD Player/Recorder
DVD Player/Recorder

A <DVD player and recorder serves much the same function as a portable media player, in that it allows users to save recorded content from a DVR player. A DVD, however, is smalle rand more versatile than the average portable media centre, as it can play not only in any DVD player but also on computers and Blu-Ray players.

7 Place Shifting Device
Place Shifting Device

A place shifting device&">place shifting device allows users to view recorded content from any location that has an Internet connection or data network. Once connected to the home theatre system, a place shifting device can send recorded or live media to a computer, phone, or tablet, or to another television. DVR users can connect the place shifting device to the DVR itself and to their home Internet network, which lets them watch their content from anywhere.

8 CCTV System
CCTV System

Popular in the security industry, a CCTV system typically consists of security cameras that broadcast over a closed network. These systems can also connect to DVR devices, which expands the system's ability to monitor surroundings. By recording the images that the camera captures, the system owner can view more data and keep a closer eye on home security.

9 Internet Access
Internet Access

Another key element in the DVR system,, Internet access allows the DVR to access current television listings or stream online content. The Internet also allows the DVR to perform many of its most attractive functions, such as finding suggested programmes and adjusting for changes in broadcast schedules. DVRs connect to the Internet through a cable that connects the device with the home network.

10 Satellite / Cable Service
Satellite / Cable Service

Satellite or cable services allow the DVR to receive the content that it records. Without this access, the DVR is limited to online subscription programming such as Netflix, Hulu Plus, or Google Play. Most DVRs accept either satellite or cable, so the user can decide what works best for his or her budget.

How to Buy DVR Accessories on eBay

DVR systems and accessories are available at brick-and-mortar stores and retail outlets across the Internet, but eBay makes the process both easy and convenient. If you visit any page within the site and enter the type of accessory you are seeking, you receive a list of products that vary in manufacturer, functionality, and price. You can then click on an individual product to view descriptions, price, and shipping information. Be sure to review specifications to know that the device is compatible with your home system and viewing needs. For products with storage functions, check capacity before making a purchase, as models can vary widely.
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