Top 10 Dog Treats to Help Your Dog to Lose Weight

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Top 10 Dog Treats to Help Your Dog to Lose Weight

Rewarding a favourite pet dog with a range of delicious treats and snacks from eBay can be an effective and thoroughly enjoyable way to train the animal.

It will help keep the dog occupied, and a few lower value treats from eBay such as kibble can be supplemented with some more healthy ones, which are especially important when the dog is slightly obese.

In the case of dogs that have more sensitive stomachs the treats should be made from the more simple ingredients such as chicken and other low fat meats, and this goes for puppies as well as for dogs trying to shed excess pounds.

The dog that is overweight will already be on a fat-reduced diet in line with a vet's recommendations, but you can help the programme by feeding treats from eBay that are not going to result in effective sabotage of the overall weight-reduction strategy.

Effective Use of Treats

Treats are mainly used to reinforce a submissive and calm state in the dog. They should never be used for rewarding an over-stimulated, excited animal. The dog should be allowed first of all to smell the treat, which is held slightly up and away to begin with, just out of reach. It doesn't need to be shoved right in the nose because all dogs can smell anything up to 20 or 30 feet away.

The dog will jump about at first and disapproval has to be expressed at this; in the end the dog will sit submissively and wag its tail, and that's when the treat from eBay should be proffered.

Best Time for Treats

Between meals is the best time to offer the dog treats of any kind from eBay, not just those most suitable for weight loss. The dog has to enjoy the treat of course, and on eBay a range of treats can be found that are designed not to promote weight gain. Treats from the table should in any case be avoided, especially if the dog shows any of the signs of food allergy. If treats are being given primarily as an aid to training then they will not prove effective when offered just after the dog has eaten a full meal.


The rule of thumb when it comes to treat ingredients is that the treat must be

* Something the dog especially likes to eat.

* Something that is appropriate for it.

* Something that is easy to find and cost-effective to purchase.

Common sense rules should apply, just as when shopping for other members of the family. The list of ingredients displayed on the label should be examined in some detail, and if these include unrecognisable elements then the dog should probably not have it.

Remember too that the palate of a dog is not the same as a human's. A dog will find certain types of food such as beef trachea delicious where humans would find it obnoxious, and by the same token treats that humans enjoy such as chocolate can make a dog quickly sick.

Vets are always warning that pet dogs and cats should not be fed indiscriminate scraps from the table, as these can in the longer term result in often serious digestive problems. If a dog is already overweight then it can only make the matter worse, and specialist treats from eBay should be chosen which are low in fat and high in protein.

Dog treats from eBay are now generally considerably healthier than they used to be, but it is always recommended before switching to a new form of treat, especially a specialised one for something like weight reduction, that the dog be checked for possible food allergies.

New healthy treats from eBay should always be introduces slowly rather than in a sudden change from the usual form of treat, and if they are given one at a time any possible reactions can be caught and dealt with before they get out of hand.

Top Treats for Weight Conscious Dogs

Overweight dogs are prone to a range of health-related problems and so the snacks chosen for them should help reduce the pounds as well as be fun to receive and to chew on.

Dog Issue



Caused by the additional weight pressing on the joints.

Breathing problems

Due to tracheal problems as the air passages become squeezed. This is an especial danger in pets suffering from heart disease.

Decreased liver function

The liver stores fat in the dog's body and an excess will build up here when the dog is overweight.

Digestive disorders

Constipation and flatulence are bad new all round.

Increased cancer risk

There are links between obesity and a number of cancers in dogs as in their owners.

Bananas in treats from eBay are a great favourite and healthy and natural to boot. Dogs can smell them from a million miles off and they are an excellent source of easily digestible fibres. Banana ingredients are particularly good for the optimal functioning of kidneys and for the continued health of the bones.

Green beans are also a great snack for a dog, even though one may think that dogs are carnivorous, which of course they are. However, a little omnivorous variation will not go amiss and healthy organic snacks like this will do a lot to trim down the waistline of an overweight dog.

Yogurt is extremely good for dogs and most of them absolutely love to lap it up or munch it as an ingredient in a healthy snack as a special treat. There are brands of treat that incorporate both plain yogurt and bananas and these are doubly good for the animal as well as being quite delicious. Yogurt is in fact as good for dogs as it is for their owners.

Peanut butter is packed with calcium, iron and protein, and taken as a snack will greatly benefit the dog's body as a supplement to its regular diet. Some chew toys from eBay have small recesses in them that can be filled with peanut butter as well.

Sweet potatoes are excellent dog snack ingredients because they are rich in the major antioxidant Vitamins A and C. Also, if the dog suffers from any irritation of the colon sweet potatoes will help soothe the lining and help it to heal faster.

Apples are full of Vitamin C, Vitamin A and a few essential fibres, and make tremendous healthy snacks either straight from the tree or store or else bought as snack constituents from eBay.

Eggs are great sources of protein, riboflavin and selenium, and they can either be fed directly to the dog or mixed in with the regular food or even with other types of treats. The egg whites are best if the dog is a bit overweight because it is in the yolk where all the fat is found.

Rice cakes from eBay are tasty, healthy and crunchy, and they're a firm favourite with most dogs, though there will always be the odd difficult customer that will turn its nose up at them. The plain kind found on eBay is best because these will not contain any of the unhealthy artificial flavourings and colours.

Baby carrots make excellent dog treats and snacks, and the same goes for carrots in general, although the smaller baby variety are usually both crunchier and sweeter. Carrots are full of Beta Carotene for a healthy coat.

Oranges and grapefruits strengthen the dog's immune system, promote overall good health and support the connective tissues. They also fight viral infection and protect against a range of different cancers. The dog should be started on small amounts to get it used to having fruit in its diet, and then there will be no stopping it.


All dogs love their snacks, which are an efficient way of getting the animal to train properly if they are given between meals rather than immediately after. They help with animal-owner bonding too and make a day out more enjoyable for both parties.

In the case of overweight or obese dogs it might be imagined that snacks and treats are a definite no-no. However, on eBay there are a great many dog treats and snacks on offer that have been especially formulated with the overweight dog in mind. These contain completely natural sources of protein, minerals and other essential nutrients whilst at the same time cutting back on the saturated fats which are the main cause of weight gain in the dog.

Remember to introduce any new snacks slowly to allow the dog to adjust to them, and they should be used only to supplement the regular diet rather than take its place. There's no reason why an overweight dog should have less fun than one with an hourglass figure, and healthy dog treats on eBay are there to ensure that it does just that.

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