Top 10 Lamps With Housing for a Rear-Projection TV

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Rear-projection television made its debut in 1947, and through the years, the technology has evolved to illuminated television screens from behind by using mini projectors. Cathode-ray tube lamp models introduced by Pioneer and Hitachi set the standard for rear-projection televisions. The cathode-ray lamp tube models rivalled the video quality of several competing technologies. Rear-projection television video quality provides users with excellent light output and strong viewing angles. Consumers can find affordable rear-projection TV lamps on eBay. First, buyers should read about the top 10 lamps with housing for a rear-projection TV.
1 Mitsubishi 915B403001
Mitsubishi 915B403001

At 180 watts, the 915B403001 lamp from Mitsubishi provides ample illumination to highlight entire TV screens, while not casting shadows around the periphery of the set. The 915B403001 works with numerous Mitsubishi television models, including most WD series TV sets.


2 Mitsubishi 915P049010
Mitsubishi 915P049010

The 915P049010 rear-projector lamp from Mitsubishi sits inside of highly durable housing that protects the lamp from hard impacts and moisture damage. Mitsubishi constructs the housing to produce better airflow, which disperses heat from the strong burning lamp. The small intake filter helps cool the bulb, as well as block dirt and other debris from clinging to the lamp surface.


3 Samsung BP96-01472A
Samsung BP96-01472A

Produced by Samsung to illuminate the HL series of rear-projector televisions, the BP96-01472A lamp from Samsung includes a rugged housing that repels hard objects. This real OEM lamp requires a short amount of time for installation with the help of an easy-to-understand owner's manual. Many expert and consumer reviews mention that this replacement lamp provides the level of illumination that makes their TV sets appear brand new.


4 Sony XL-2100
Sony XL-2100

Laboratory-tested, high-grade plastic protects the Sony XL-2100 rear-projector TV lamp. Users can easily install this OEM replacement lamp with a hex key that quickly tightens the fastening screws. An advanced filter system keeps the lamp bulb cool, which extends the life of the lamp with housing. The bulb's brightness provides more than enough illumination to project high-resolution animated images.


5 Sony XL-5200
Sony XL-5200

Sony XL-5200 users only require about five minutes to replace the OEM lamp. Users benefit from between 6,000 and 8,000 hours of brightly illuminated television images at a fraction of the cost associated with more advanced television technologies. Sony charges the gas lamps with about 15,000 volts to reduce the amount of warm-up time.


6 Samsung BP96-01795A
Samsung BP96-01795A

Samsung constructs the housing for the BP96-01795A rear projector lamp to include several openings that allow hot air to disperse from the lamp. The cooling effect of the advanced design allows the lamp to exceed average rear-projector lamp lifespans. Moreover, the rugged material used to create the housing protects the lamp from hard objects, as well as dust and other potentially harmful debris.


7 Sony XL-2400
Sony XL-2400

The elongated housing of the Sony XL-2400 makes it easy for users to swap with their old rear-projector lamps. Sony constructs the housing with treated plastic to protect the lamp from impacts and moisture. Reviewers report that this long-lasting, rear-projector TV lamp provides a wide area of illumination that prevents the blackening of TV screen peripheries.


8 Sony XL-2200
Sony XL-2200

As a replacement component for the KDF series of Sony televisions, the XL-2200 includes an owner's manual that clearly provides step-by-step installation instructions. Once the housing secures to the television, users enjoy bright illumination that highlights a wide variety of colours on the television screen spectrum.



JVC manufactures the TS-CL110UAA rear-projector lamp with housing to illuminate the company's HD television series. Myriad reviewers marvel at this lamp's quality and durability, which Sony ensures by constructing the lamp with filters to help disperse hot air. The TS-CL110UAa provides users with a rear handle that makes it easy to remove the old lamp and install the replacement lamp.


10 Mitsubishi 915B441001
Mitsubishi 915B441001

Many reviewers report that the 915B441001 replacement lamp from Mitsubishi operates more effectively than the original lamp. The lightweight and compact rear-projector lamp with housing quickly disperses hot air, which allows the lamp to exceed 6,000 operating hours. Installation does not require the use of hand tools, as the housing snaps into a secure section behind the television.


How to Buy a Rear-Projector Lamp With Housing on eBay

eBay hosts sellers who offer high-quality, rear-projector lamps with housing. The key to finding the right seller involves properly utilising eBay's search engine. Define your most important buying criteria and enter keywords that represent the criteria into the search engine. You can search for new or used replacement lamps, as well as define the brand name. Buying a used lamp with housing requires you to examine the enlarged product photograph that eBay places on every seller's product page. The photograph should allow you to confirm the condition of the lamp with housing and the lamp's advertised brand name.
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