Top 10 Leather Slippers

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Slippers are soft-soled shoes, typically worn indoors, that are easy to slip on and off. Made from many different, comfortable materials such as foam, silk, and plush fabrics, slippers provide the feet with both warmth and comfort. Made from leathers such as lambskin, suede, and pigskin, leather slippers are comfortable shoes to wear both indoors and at casual outdoor functions. The many styles of leather slippers include slip ons, loafers, moccasins, slipper boots, and sandals or thongs. Shoppers looking for leather slippers can start by considering the top leather slippers, which they can find at local shoe stores or online at eBay.
1 Minnetonka Moccasins
Minnetonka Moccasins

Minnetonka make hand crafted moccasins out of various soft leathers such as deerskin, sheepskin, cowhide, and suede. Minnetonka moccasins are meant for use as slippers or driving shoes. Minnetonka moccasins are available in many styles, including boot moccasins and pile-lined footwear for cooler climates.


2 Clark's Kite Vasa Leather Slippers
Clark's Kite Vasa Leather Slippers



3 L.B. Evans Leather Slippers

Made from a selection of leathers and suedes, L.B. Evans leather slippers are stylish and comfortable. Choose from a wide selection of styles, available in wide and narrow width sizes and various colours with soles that are durable enough for outdoor wear, and cushioned insoles that are cosy and comfortable. Many styles are available with faux-fur lining to keep feet warm in cold temperatures.


4 Reef Leather Flip-Flops
Reef Leather Flip-Flops

Reef makes thong-style sandals for both men and women. With a contoured footbed for comfort, and texturing for better traction, Reef leather flip-flops can be worn both indoors and out. With leather straps lined with a softer material, and the compression footbed topped with leather, these shoes are comfortable. With rubberised soles, these shoes are strong and durable.


5 Lamo Sabrina Moccasin
Lamo Sabrina Moccasin

The Lamo Sabrina moccasin is a warm, comfortable suede slipper with a soft, fleece lining and rubber sole. These slipper shoes are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Made with durable rubber soles, the Lamo Sabrina moccasins are also sturdy enough for use as driving or walking shoes. The Lamo Sabrina moc is available in a variety of different colours.


6 Old Friend Adjustable Closure Bootee
Old Friend Adjustable Closure Bootee

The Old Friend adjustable closure bootees feature a micro adjustable strap and tongue to ensure that the slipper stay securely in place. The soft sheepskin insole and EVA midsole ensure comfort, warmth, and durability. This slipper is equipped with a removable insole for cleaning and wearing in warmer climates.


7 Acorn Slipper Socks
Acorn Slipper Socks

Used to keep astronauts' feet warm and made with a full-grain leather sidewall, suede leather outsoles as well as memory foam midsole over a layer of EVA, Acorn slipper socks are both strong and durable. Made from either a ragg wool blend or hypoallergenic cotton, the uppers keep the feet, ankles, and calves cosy and warm.


8 L.B. Evans Leather Scuffs
L.B. Evans Leather Scuffs

L.B. Evans have a reputation for making classic slippers using traditional styles. Made from soft leather uppers and leather lined, the L.B. Evans leather scuffs feature cushioned insoles for comfort and man-made outsoles for durability for indoor use. L.B. Evans also make a leather Opera version of their leather scuffs that closely resembles smoking slippers.


9 Woolrich Suede Slippers
Woolrich Suede Slippers

Made with thick, memory foam footbeds, soft fleece lining, and suede uppers,


10 L.L. Bean Slippers

L.L. Bean make a variety of slippers such as slip-ons, soft-soled moccasins, booties, and scuffs for indoor use. Several L.L. Bean slipper styles can be lined with fleece, flannel, sheepskin, or shearing for additional comfort and warmth.


How to Buy Leather Slippers on eBay

When buying leather slippers on eBay, be sure that you consider both comfort and sizing. With the many styles of leather slippers available, there is a pair suitable for everyone. Whether you prefer open toed thong slippers or soft and warm moccasins, finding leather slippers on eBay is quick and easy. Simply type a search term such as "leather slippers" into the Search bar on any eBay page. Then filter the results by parameters such as size, colour, brand, and condition. When buying leather slippers, be sure to read the product description thoroughly as features and details vary depending upon the slipper brand and style.
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