Top 10 Most Popular Pekin Bantam Colours

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Top Ten Most Popular Pekin Bantam Colours

I am often asked what is the most popular colour of Pekin Bantam. In truth its down to personal choice and colour preference. I have been breeding Pekin Bantams for many years now and there are some sure winners in the popularity stakes, Check ot my top ten.

  1. Lavender- still a firm favourite a recognised standard colour very popular

  2. Lemon Cuckoo- Newcomer with growing demand a non standard.  There are lots of variants in this colour, Lemon, Buff Cuckoo and Lemon Cuckoo.

  3. Gold Partridge- A winner for anyone starting out a popular colour.

  4. Millifleur- One for the enthusiast, still quite a rare colour.

  5. Black- Widespread on the show benches but must be good quality.

  6. Buff- The original colour of Pekin, well bred colour but standards vary.

  7. Mottled- The irregular markings makes mottled popular for novelty value.

  8. Silver Partridge- A stunning colour contarast with high wow factor.

  9. White- As black well bred birds in high demand but standards vary.

  10. Columbian- A white sussex in Pekin, a traditional colour stil popular.

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