Top 10 Songs - To Relate To When Your /HeartBroken/.

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Okay we have all been there,feeling low and feeling like our hearts' in a million pieces. Talk to friends and family and end up feeling like no one understands.

Heres my list of 10 songs that can do more than relate to this sad but common situation;

1) The Trouble with Love is - Kelly Clarkson

" A powerful ballad that makes us not feel foolish and simply enforces the fact that we've not been silly its just the way we felt at that particular time"

2) Rolling in the Deep - Adele

" A new song that ive only actually listened to recently,i heard one of my close friends sing this the other day too,the words say it all"

3) Heartbreaker - Dionne Warwick

" A classic but demonstrates the realisation of the affect these so called "heart breakers" have had on us

4) I Just want you to know - Backstreet Boys

" I just want you to know...that ive been fighting to let you go,somedays ill make it through then theres nights that never end- basically the struggle of getting over someone & that self battle of letting someone go. Difficult Times"

5) Just a Dream - Carrie Underwood

" Strange one i know its not typically known as a heartbreak song. But depends how you see it, for me i relate to it and i think most people can. Basically feeling that the relationship went unfairly or the feeling of being robbed or left alone. I think it relates to quite a few emotions"

6) So Sick - Neyo

" Classic R'n'B Slow Jam. Neyo at his best :) "

7) Breakeven - The Script

" This song is perfection. This group is perfection. This is just really a story of a one sided love affair one person feeling all the pain and one person walking away from the relationship-fine.

8) Someday We'll Know - Mandy Moore and Jonathan Foreman

"This song is great. & in my opinion Mandy's voice is the best ive heard :D I think it relates to that feeling where all the questions as to why and how,,,if i could? if i done this? if i done that??? etc.. stop in our head and we kind of accept that one day all our answers will be answered.

9) Unbreak My Heart - Toni Braxton 

"Incredible Love Song...her voice is out of this world. The meaning?!? Says it in the title really :)"

10) White Horse - Taylor Swift

" Realising that maybe we have been living in a broken fairytale and no longer expect anything from the other not waiting for you and your white horse to come around"


Well there we go 10 songs of mixed genres....whether its an r'n'b, pop or even country artist/s. I think its safe to say everyone knows what its like to be heart broken. So listen to these songs,download them...or whatever you decide, as they do what it says in the title :)

Thats my guide...check out the others if you liked this one.

Hope I was helpful......Thanks a billion for reading....

God Bless :)

LiveLaughLoveGirl13 x


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