Top 10 Teddies

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The history of the teddie, a type of women's lingerie, is brief. In fact, the advent of so-called 'sexy' undergarments only surfaced in the 1920s once the length and cut of women's frocks began to shrink. Throughout the 20th century, the teddy continued to evolve, falling out of favour in much of the midcentury before regaining momentum in the 1990s and into the 2000s and beyond. Women looking for teddies today therefore have a large selection which includes everything from the more modest traditional teddy to the modern and revealing string teddy, and many styles in between.
1 Traditional Teddy
Traditional Teddy

The historical purpose of the traditional teddy was to provide undergarment coverage for women. Developed in the years preceding modern notions of underwear and brassieres, the traditional teddy covers a woman from the bust to just below the crotch, providing support in the needed places. Historically, women wore traditional teddies as everyday items meaning that many were plain and made of sensible fabrics and colours. However, even in the early 1900s, the traditional teddy became special and more intimate when it included embroidered details, lace, and other added 'extras'.


2 Modern Teddy
Modern Teddy

As the teddy became more a symbol of sex appeal, it evolved into a garment meant more for behind-closed-doors activities then everyday convenience. The modern adaptation of the teddy surfaced in the 1990s when lingerie as an industry began to appeal to niche markets and avant garde lifestyles. These teddies push the envelope on 'fashion', often cutting so that only the most unmentionable of areas receive coverage.


3 Babydoll Teddy
Babydoll Teddy

One of the first early adaptations of the traditional teddy, the babydoll teddy, combines the idea of the traditional teddy with another type of sleep garment, the child's babydoll-style nightgown. The babydoll came of age in the 1990s as part of the grunge rock scene. This style of teddy is distinctive because of its empire-waisted coverage from the bust line down which stops just below the crotch line.


4 Corset Teddy

Babydoll TeddyWhen the traditional teddy first came onto the scene, the idea of the corset was about as common as cotton underpants are today. In fact, early teddies were really just redesigned corsets. The idea of the corset teddy is to take the function of a corset, that is, to create the illusion of the perfect hourglass shape when wearing any clothing, and then transfer it into a sexy undergarment meant for private enjoyment.


5 Body Stocking

The function of the body-shaper teddy is similar to that of the corset with the main difference being the material used. Where the corset uses strings and manual strength to tighten the midsection and create the ideal figure, a body-shaper teddy accomplishes this with modern fabrics such as spandex. The body-shaper teddy is part of a larger market for shapewear used by women for a number of purposes.


6 Body-Shaper Teddy
Body-Shaper Teddy

Like the corset and body-shaper options, the body stocking is a great way to shape one's waist under clothing while still providing sex appeal in private. Body stockings, alternately called bodysuits, became popular through fictional characters like Catwoman. Body stockings cover the entire torso, but often come in sheer fabrics.


7 Backless Teddies
Backless Teddies

The backless teddy, also called a bareback teddy, is the first of the final four top options which all represent a specific niche of fetish teddies designed for a particular type of woman. The backless teddy is just as it sounds: one which provides coverage only in the front parts. These teddies often resemble bathing suits including a G-string at the bottom.


8 String Teddy

Babydoll TeddyAs the name suggests, a string teddy uses the detail of strings to provide minimal coverage of unmentionable areas. Generally, this includes a G-string at the bottom and other strings throughout the garment, connecting fabric in a provocative way.


9 Teddy with Cut-outs

The design of teddies with cut-outs varies widely. What they all have in common is the use of a large fabric piece with various cut-out designs throughout the bodice and back. These teddies vary in their relative coverage of a woman's body.


10 Costume Teddy
Costume Teddy

The final option works for Halloween parties, costume balls, and private adult playtime. A costume teddy is as it seems: a teddy designed to 'disguise' the wearer. Popular options include nurse costumes, Playboy bunnies, and gothic looks such as witches and executioners.


How to Buy Teddies on eBay

Women shoppers looking for a variety of options and the modesty which comes with shopping online find that eBay is a great place to buy teddies. To find the perfect teddy, users have the option of searching the site according to the type of teddy they want through a general search or by using refinements such as colour, size, and material. With a rich selection on the modern market, the teddy is a great addition to any woman's lingerie drawer. In fact, among the top ten teddies, there is something for every size and shape of woman, as well as options to meet a variety of personal preferences and needs.
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