Top 10 Tips for Professional Salon Nail Polishing

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Excerpt from Pro Beauty Education's published title: Perfecting Your Polishing Techniques PowerPoint/Photocopiable Resource available on eBay

#1   Use a professional salon formulation to give lasting wear; protection; durability; and shine!

#2   Experiment with different brands to get the best performance!

#3   A good polish should be easy to apply; and have an even consistency and colour!

#4   A good polish should not be harmful to nails; or stain the nails!

#5   Always use a base coat to prevent the risk of staining the nails; and to prolong the life of the polish!

#6   To prevent the peeling and wearing of polish, make sure all layers are properly dried between coats!

#7   Some benefits of various nail coatings are: quick drying; resistance to yellowing; heat activated; and top coats with optical brighteners for pink and whites.  Investigate whether these products are cost effective.  They will often save you time!

#8   Avoid problems with setting up polish by keeping an ambient room or salon temperature!

#9   Always read the manufacturer's instructions for the products you are working with.  Products set up differently according to manufacturer and and will require various working conditions to set up effectively!

#10   Beware of the differences in top coats such as: chemical makeup; quality; viscosity; drying time; and whether they contain hardeners and sunscreens!

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